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My Story & Why I Started This Blog

Hi there! My name is Shaun and I love food. I’m fortunate to have grown up in a family that cooks delicious home made food and as I’ve grown up, I’ve really appreciated the meals I have more and more. As a result, food is a passion both in the eating and in the making. I quite enjoy cooking and am trying new things out and learning all the time. As I’m always commenting on the places I’ve eaten at to people, one of my work mates suggested I should set up a food blog about my experiences. What a great idea! So I did. As I go about on my food travels, I’ll update you with my experiences of restaurants I’ve eaten at in Perth and give my review. Hopefully, this will guide you towards a restaurant that offers tasty food at good value and provides an enjoyable dining experience.

As for my cooking, I took some interest from young watching mum whipping up something tasty. As I grew older I realised I better learn to cook or I’ll be on my own not enjoying some of the food I grew up with. I guess what really got me going was when I picked up a packet of Continental pasta carbonara where you just add hot water and milk. I was far from impressed not that you can really expect much from a packet. Also, everything at home is made from scratch so I’m not exactly used to the processed stuff. I flicked through some of my mum’s recipe books and found a recipe and made my own take. From there I’ve tried more and more things. Starting off from learning how to make my mum’s pizza, to my own pasta, tortellini, gnocchi, risotto. I guess you can see I like Italian so I cook the things I like. The other challenge is not cooking the things mum or dad makes so it has caused me to explore foods from other cultures.

From young, I watched cooking shows with mum and Jamie Oliver’s “The Naked Chef” was probably one influence on me. I was really captivated with his energy, passion, and rather unconventional techniques. Smashing a block of chocolate without opening the packet to break it up on the bar top is one technique I’ve adopted, but grabbing a nearby wine bottle as a makeshift rolling pin for rolling some pastry out is not. Even now as he’s grown older, his energy and passion haven’t dropped. Watching other cooking shows has also given me some great ideas and inspiration. SBS’s Food Safari is one such show showcasing foods from other cultures. Some places I even went and visited especially on my trip to Melbourne and Sydney. Other shows like Masterchef also give you some great ideas and reveal how complex food can be. So many different processes go into making one meal where the end product doesn’t look all that fancy. Yet the journey the food has gone on to get there is amazing. Cooking is really rewarding and you get a lot of satisfaction in making something yourself and also getting to enjoy it and share with your family.

To conclude, I can’t finish without listing some of my favourite foods so here they are:

  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Anything deep fried
  • Pastry – sweet or savoury

When I’m not blogging about some restaurant I’ve eaten at, I’m in the office in my role as a credit risk analyst. Fortunately, the corporate life does allow one to enjoy the odd lunch here and there or take a stroll through Perth and find some undiscovered gem. There’s always new places opening up as the city expands and offers new cuisines or experiences not yet enjoyed. It’s what makes the journey interesting. Hope you like my food blog.

Shaun D’Monte

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My Review System Of Restaurants I Visit

My review of each restaurant is purely subjective as something I may love you may hate. However, I do base my reviews on 4 key areas: Price, Taste, Value, and Recommendation. Below are the scales (from poor to excellent) for each key apart from price which is simply a measure of generally how much a restaurant’s meal costs:

  • Price: Bargain > Reasonable > Moderately Expensive > Expensive
  • Taste: Poor > Average > Great > Delicious
  • Value: Poor > Good > Reasonable > Excellent
  • Recommendation: Eat At Home Instead > Try Once If You Want But Not Worth Visiting Again > Worth Visiting > Recommend > Highly Recommend

The final recommendation will consider the price, taste and value. Value will be based on price and other factors like service and serving size. You can eat a cheap meal which is of poor taste so is poor value. On the other hand, you may eat at a fine dining restaurant and pay expensive prices for a delicious meal which leaves you thoroughly satisfied and is therefore, excellent value.


How Do I Use This Site?

There are two types of posts I write:

  1. Restaurant reviews
  2. My food thoughts

The latter are just my comments on things I find interesting such as a TV show like Masterchef to an article I may have read on the quality of Perth’s restaurants. Such posts are found under a category called Shaun’s Food Thoughts.

All other posts are restaurant reviews which are assigned to the categories:

On the side bar, pick a cuisine you fancy and click on it to reveal the restaurants reviewed. Alternatively, search by a particular suburb in Perth or a state in Australia or a country overseas. There’s also a search bar at the top right hand corner so enter your query there and hit enter. Alternatively, go to the Restaurant List tab across the top and explore the restaurants you’re interested in and hopefully it serves as a guide to selecting a place you’re interested in visiting.

At the bottom of the post is where to get more info on the restaurant such as the address and contact details. If I’ve written multiple reviews on the same restaurant you will see additional posts of my visits. If you wish to bookmark the site or share it there are a range of social media icons you can save PerthFoodReviews.com to. There is also a listing of related posts which may show restaurants of similar cuisine or location or style. Below that are tags which identify this post such as cuisine, location, price, taste, value, and recommendation. You can click on these tags to find other posts with the same tag.


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