My Food Motto, Expectations, and Impressions

–> It’s All About The Taste!

Healthy people will try and alert me to the amount of calories, fat etc. While I don’t want to eat something soaked and dripping in fattening oil, I focus on enjoying the meal rather than how much fat I’m going to put on or how many sessions at the gym are required to burn this all off. What a tortured life some people lead! Food is for eating. It’s all about the taste. Enjoy it!

Restaurant Expectations

When I go out anywhere, I’m expecting a tasty meal with a decent serving at a reasonable price. After all, the point of going out to eat a meal is to get something better than you cook at home unless you’re a chef which neither I nor my family are not. However, home cooks aren’t to be sneezed at, as I’m sure there are people out there that serve better food in their homes than what you can get at some eating establishments.

General Impression Of Perth Food

While I have not travelled much, I believe Melbourne has the best food at varying prices to suit your budget. Sydney also has plenty to offer. Perth, on the other hand, trails far behind in the range, quality, servings and especially price. There are, however, some great places to eat at so I’m not writing Perth off completely. Unfortunately, given the size of Perth, we still lack the diversity and range of cuisines that can be found in typical eateries and restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney. Hopefully in time, Perth will also be a food capital of Australia.