Organica Cafe

Cuisine: Modern Australian
Location: Perth CBD, Shafto Lane

Note: Now Closed

My fellow team member was promoted to manager of our team and in her generosity, decided to take us out to lunch as a celebration. The more healthy members chose Organica Cafe. After having a look at the menu, I wasn’t particularly impressed. OK, I’m a guy and enjoy a hearty meal with a good deal of meat, but I have nothing against organic food. I had to settle on a tuna roll which was hopeless. I don’t know how something simple as a tuna roll could be butchered. I was served a dry roll with a decent amount of dry tuna and a few lettuce leaves which had every bit of moisture taken away. I didn’t enjoy this meal and my team members knew from the look on face I was far from impressed and still very hungry. Could some milk fresh from a farm not have been boiled, the cream scooped off the top and whipped into butter? Some eggs from organic free range chickens added to some organic extra virgin oil, to produce some mayonnaise? Some slices of fresh tomato with a simple dressing to liven things up? No, none of these things. What annoyed me is the write-up listed the “chef”. A chef surely wouldn’t serve such a pathetic dish? In terms of value, I could have got a foot long sub at Subway which would have been satisfying and filling. I can’t believe this place existed and many people were going to it – mainly women.

I must confess I don’t know much about organic food. I guess we don’t think too much about how food gets to us, but supporting organically grown food which is grown free of harmful chemicals that don’t damage the environment, labour which isn’t exploited in hopeless work conditions at a pitiful wage, and livestock that is treated in a humane way is a cause to be supported. Unfortunately, like achieving world peace, profit and other such motives get in the way of what might be a more equitable method of production for all involved.

I remember seeing a show featuring Jamie Oliver (aka the naked chef) called Jamie’s Chicken Dinners. He shocked the audience in showing how chicken in the UK gets to the consumer from the time the chicks are born to the supermarket in the UK. I would think that similar practices are followed around the world. It made people think about such things and may cause people to boycott such products. However, people also have to shell out more for a good cause so will people compromise on price or their moral convictions? Each person to their own.

I’ve since heard this place shut down in early 2010. Not my cup of tea.

Verdict: Bad, just keep on walking past
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Poor
Value: Poor
Recommendation: Eat At Home Instead

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