The Globe

Cuisine: Modern Australian
Location: Perth CBD, Parmelia Hilton

I have a more recent food review of The Globe Wine Bar and Restaurant here.

One of the restaurants attached to the Parmelia Hilton, this was the meeting place for catching up with some old high school mates for lunch. I decided to go with the 3 cheeses with crab, sourced from the south of WA. Many dishes here draw on local WA produce. My friends had a seafood pasta and the others went with the beef tenderloins served with veg. Unfortunately we waited a long time for our meal but it presented the opportune time to catch up. A waiter had come around offering fresh hot baked bread rolls straight out of the oven. Now while I enjoy a bread roll, they are in my opinion, a “filler”. I didn’t want to spoil my appetite and so I declined which would prove to be a bad decision. The minutes flew by and still no mains but the waiter fortunately came by with another offering of hot bread rolls which I gleefully accepted and quelled some of my hungriness. Eventually our meals came out and I was ravenous by that time. I was surprised to see the servings on each of our plates bar the pasta, could have easily have fitted on the bread plates. The beef was stacked upon itself so a decent chunk of meet there with the veg. The pasta seemed generous with a reasonable amount of seafood. My meal was presented within the shell of a clam and the mixture of flavours was delicious but a little rich. Fortunately, the salad perfectly offset the richness. I really enjoyed my meal like the others, but was left feeling very hungry. It was at this point I seriously regret declining that initial offering of bread rolls. I left feeling disappointed despite enjoying a lovely meal.

They also have a tasting table in the mould of a smorgasbord. Haven’t had this so can’t comment on it.
They also have a private room for private events. We had a financial year end of event with canapes in June 2010. While I arrived late and missed some of the service, from what I had and the experience of several other work colleagues, the food was very disappointing.

Globe Food Review Summary

Verdict: Delicious meal but wanted more of it. While the restaurant didn’t seem packed, the service took a long time to get our meals out. For the price, I think they could have delivered more. In terms of the canapes served for our private company event on another visit in June 2010, the food was really disappointing.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Poor
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

Globe Wine Bar and Restaurant Details
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