Part 1: First Trip To Melbourne – Hardware Lane

My company flew my boss and I to our other office in Melbourne. This was the first time I’ve been here and while I was stuck in the office all day, we got the chance to have a wonder around for a few blocks and take in some of what Melbourne has to offer. Unlike Perth where everything shuts at 6pm, thee’s plenty of people about and lots of shops to see. best of all, there’s streets of eateries all offering different cuisines. I was sold on this place and definitely wanted to come back here and sample more of what Melbourne has to offer. This place was so unlike Perth. We asked our fellow Melbourne colleagues of some places to go for dinner and Hardware Lane in the CBD and Acland St in St Kilda were two common must visit places. So away we went for the 2 nights we were there.

Hardware Lane

Hardware Lane located in the heart of the CBD to the east is typical of what Melbourne has to offer. There are a lot of lane ways and back alleys all hiding something of interest whether they be retail shops or eateries. It was a reasonably pleasant evening and as we entered Hardware Lane we could see a string of outdoor umbrellas with heaters, people about, the noise of people enjoying their meals and the sound of jazz music. There are a string of eateries with maitre d’s standing outside many of them tempting you to come in with their menus showcasing what they have to offer. We chose an Italian place and sat outside under the warm glow of the heaters. The lights are dim and sound of the jazz music playing from the live band down the street creates a nice ambience. Can’t remember exactly what I ordered but I’m sure I enjoyed a lovely pasta dish with a creamy cheese sauce. The dessert I remember clearly – the first time I tried creme brulee. This was a coconut creme brulee which was absolutely yum. I remember my boss ordered a chocolate pudding which sounded a bit plain till it was cut open and chocolate just oozed from it. She really enjoyed it. All round, what an interesting experience and delicious food.

Verdict: Delicious meal under the warm glow of heaters and the dimly lights creates a wonderful atmosphere with the lovely sound of jazz music in the background. A moment to be savoured if you have never experienced anything like it before.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Highly Recommend


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