Holiday Part 1 – Melbourne – Waffle On

After my initial trip to Melbourne for work purposes, I decided to return once again on a holiday and plan out a bit of a food safari visiting different places offering different cuisines. Since I was all the way over the other side of Australia, I thought why not go to Sydney too, so my trip also includes some offerings in Sydney as well. Since I’m not a local, my choices were going to be a bit of a hit and a miss. Hopefully more hits than misses.


Cuisine: Belgium
Location: Melbourne CBD

Waffle On

I landed in Melbourne on what was a very cold and miserable day forecast with rain and hail, so unlike the warm weather of Perth. Fortunately it did not rain nor hail but was still cold. The first place I headed off to after checking in to my hotel was Waffle On. It was a short stroll from my hotel down some narrow lane way which is typical of Melbourne. At first I couldn’t find the place so I asked one of the shops which was a Belgium place and the stall selling waffles was right in front of me. So I ordered a nice hot waffle with cream, ice-cream and maple syrup. Absolutely yum! What can I say. Great start to the holiday!

Verdict: Yum, for a cheap, quick afternoon snack you can’t go paste these Belgium waffles.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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