Holiday Part 11 – Sydney – Jimbaran

Cuisine: Indonesian
Location: Sydney: Randwick

I also saw this place featured on SBS’s Food Safari – Indonesia. Unlike Melbourne where there seem to be a heap of eateries in the CBD, while Sydney also had several eateries in the CBD, several are located on the outskirts in the suburbs. So off I was to Randwick to try out this restaurant and enjoy some Indonesian fare. I got there early and the place slowly filled up. After surveying the menu, I chose rice with half a chicken cooked in coconut milk and lightly deep fried. Wow, was this amazing! Soaking the chicken in the coconut mixture totally penetrated every part of the chicken and moistened it. The outside was slightly crunchy from the short time in the deep fryer and then the flesh was moist and flavoursome. I was stuffed after the meal but I took some dessert to go which are these coconut jellies which are squeezed through the fingers to make little tadpoles. Not too sure how best to describe it, but the coconut mixture with the refreshing jellies goes down a treat.

Verdict: Delicious, have never eaten anything like this before.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Highly Recommend
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