Holiday Part 15 – Sydney – The Original Maltese Cafe

Cuisine: Maltese, Breakfast
Location: Sydney: Surrey Hills

This place was featured on SBS’s Food Safari program during their Maltese edition. Being a huge fan of pastry, they showed these things called pastizzi which are flaky pastry (made with heaps of butter) and filled with various fillings. You can get them fresh or frozen. I made the trip to Surrey Hills after eating Brioche at Le Petit Creme and since I didn’t know what they tasted like, I ordered one to taste. They were yum and didn’t disappoint. I ordered a few more and eventually ordered a bunch of frozen varieties to hopefully survive the long trip back home to Perth. The place is lovely and I had a pleasant chat with the owners and told them I’ve come all the way from Perth and made it a point to stop by this place after seeing it on TV. They told me this place had been inundated with people after the show. I recently read there’s a place in Perth at Morley Galleria that has just opened up selling pastizzi as the owner was disappointed not to find any Maltese food in Perth after living in Sydney for several years. The place is Kiss Kiss Pastizzi. Edit: they’re no longer there, see the bottom of the post 2011 Perth Good Food & Wine Show – Friday 15th July for locations.

Verdict: You’ve got to try try pastizzi. It’s non-negotiable. Yum!
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend
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