Holiday Part 6 – Melbourne – Mekong

Cuisine: Vietnamese
Location: Melbourne CBD

After returning to my hotel to let that lovely churros digest, I headed off to the Telstra Dome to watch a game of Friday night football. First off, I needed a quick meal so I headed off to Mekong to sample some Vietnamese fare. When I walked in this place was absolutely packed. I don’t think they could fit any more people in. The tables are side by side so not a place for a romantic date but it must be worth a go otherwise it wouldn’t be so popular. I somehow managed to grab a place for one and was presented with the menu. After having a look at the selection, I was intrigued to see listed – chicken, chicken special, beef, beef special, lamb, lamb special. I asked the waiter what the ‘special’ was to be informed that just doesn’t come with the meat but the brain, guts, innards and everything else inside which is normally thrown away at any other eating establishment. I’m glad I asked! I went with the mixed meat plain and not special version. After a short time I was presented with my medium bowl of noodles with chicken, lamb and beef in a piping hot soupy broth with a plate of raw bean sprouts and some other greens. Even though I ordered the medium – the bowl was massive! I’m glad I didn’t go for the large. I wasn’t too sure what I was supposed to do with the ingredients on the plate so I looked around and observed that this was being chucked into the hot soup. Of course this would have caused the bean sprouts and all to cook instantly in a matter of seconds. I waited a while for things to cool down before I tucked in. It’s really simple but tasty on a cold winters night and very filling. I reckon a bowl of this will send any flu symptoms flying straight out of you!

Verdict: Don’t let the simplicity fool you, a decent meal at a giveaway price.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent, did I mention at a giveaway price?
Recommendation: Recommend

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