Holiday Part 8 – Melbourne – Basso

Cuisine: Italian
Location: Melbourne CBD

Note: Has now closed

Before I headed off in the afternoon to the MCG, the home of football for those diehard AFL fans, I needed some lunch. Despite rain threatening for much of my trip the heavens opened and it made it a bit harder to find my chosen destination. After walking past this place several times, I eventually found it and found my next food event on my itinerary, Basso. Basso is an Italian cafe and is renowned for its pizzas. However, I decided not to grab a pizza for lunch but went for a spicy Italian risotto. I love Italian and have tried various Italian specialities, but not risotto. I had to wait a while but I got my meal which was a good serving of fluffy puffed rice with one heck of a hit of chilli. It was delicious despite the heat!. I did order a few slices of pizza as a snack on my way to the MCG and boy was my tongue zinging with the heat of that risotto! I must admit this is just the thing to have on a cold winters day! It’s a shame I was having my pizza cold because I’m sure it would have tasted far better had it been heated up. Despite that, the pizza was delicious and the two huge square slices had ample toppings, sauce and was very tasting making the perfect half time snack.

Verdict: I really enjoyed the risotto and it packed a heck of a lot of heat! The pizza was enjoyable too. Shame I couldn’t enjoy it hot.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend
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