Cinnamon On The Park

Cuisine: Indian
Location: Victoria Park

Don’t confuse this place with another similarly named restaurant, The Cinnamon Club. Cinnamon On The Park is in Vic Park and is located among the string of eateries that line Albany Highway. The place is open and breezy and is one of the best Indian places I’ve eaten at flavour wise. Celebrating a family birthday gave us the opportunity to order several dishes to share around. No one dish stood out but they were all tasty and authentic. The lamb shanks we ordered, though, were a disappointment and didn’t contain much meat and really lacked flavour. The servings were reasonable but for the price, on the expensive side.

Verdict: Certainly the best Indian restaurant I’ve eaten at in a while with authentic flavours. However, while the prices are reasonable, the servings aren’t that great and so the value for money is good but could be better.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Good, a bit on the expensive side and some dishes aren’t value for money
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

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