Cuisine: Modern Australian
Location: East Perth

Another well known Perth establishment which I was fortunate to have the pleasure of attending thanks to my company in the presence of several colleague who I rarely see face to face but communicate with on a regular basis. A warmish late afternoon sitting outside chatting with colleagues overlooking the tranquil and beautiful Swan River in East Perth set the scene for the beginning to a lovely evening. As we waited for all attendants to arrive, we were ushered into the restaurant with large floor to ceiling glass walls, if I remember correctly, allowing the fading light to enter and be replaced with the moonlight.

Before we ordered, a few tasting dishes made their way around which was a good thing as I was starting to feel really hungry. These little tapas like offerings were on the whole delicious but a few were OK. Either way, it was just what was needed to quell a hungry stomach! For entree I chose quail confit. I’ve never had quail so it’s great to try new things. Quail is a bit like chicken but there’s not much meat. Tasty, well presented and complemented well by the slightly cooked cherry grape tomatoes and other offerings on the plate. The quail was nice but I would have like more meat but that is the nature of the beast. For mains I chose a champaign flavoured risotto which was lovely. The cheesy sauce and flavour of the champaign is a confronting flavour to challenge the taste buds. My disappointment was seeing my choice of mains and my bosses who was seated across from me. My boss chose a seared salmon with a garden salad. The salmon was huge. In comparison, my plate looked like a big ladle full of risotto was scooped from the pan and dumped on my plate. My meal was very rich and you can’t eat too much of something that rich. It could have been complemented with some of the seared salmon and definitely a fresh and tangy garden salad. It really needed something with acidity. Really, combining the two dishes would have been an excellent outcome which presented a nice balance of flavours and quantity. I cleaned my plate of the risotto but was still hungry and desperately seeking a salad and my boss ate her salad and about half of the huge salmon on the plate. For dessert, I can’t remember exactly but I think it was a pineapple ice cream served as an upside down cone with strawberry’s. A nice end to the night.

Verdict: Enjoyable night. I haven’t eaten at a fine dining establishment so one must appreciate the processes that go into the end product. One only has to watch a series of MasterChef to appreciate what goes into making one dish. A complex array of flavours melded together in one dish to be slowly savoured and appreciated. For a restaurant with big wraps I wasn’t blown away with what I ate but the the risotto was excellent.
Price: Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable, glad the company was paying and not me!
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again
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