Andaluz Bar & Tapas

Cuisine: Spanish, tapas
Location: Perth CBD, Howard Lane

Another well known place in Perth, I took my cousin here for the tapas. This place reminds me of Melbourne because you go down a quiet street and then a lane way from no where appears and it’s down the very end. This place is pricey and the quantity on each plate small but this is like a fine dining experience – slowly enjoy and savour the different flavours. A few dishes that we had:
- Crusty bread to dip in olive oil: can’t start without some of this
- Marinated olives: I don’t think you can get the different types of olives on offer here from the shops. Some have a really interesting taste
- Seared scallops, Berkshire pork cheek confit, sticky Alvear PX and muscatels – wow, this is absolutely amazing, highly recommended. Don’t let the small serve fool you. There’s so many flavours to savour.
- Deli meats: sounds like meats you would have at the deli. Don’t be fooled, there are some really interesting tastes to be had here.
- Crumbed chicken wrapped in bacon: yum
- Garlic prawns: lovely

Verdict: A bit like a fine dining experience with not much on the plate, but to be savoured ever so slowly, carefully identifying the unique flavours present.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Good, a bit pricey but an experience worth paying for
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again
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Andaluz Bar & Tapas, reviewed by Shaun on 2009-11-18T19:10:34+00:00 rating 3.4 out of 5

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