Alfred’s Kitchen – 22 Dec 2009

Cuisine: Burgers
Location: Guildford, stone’s throw from train station

I have a more recent food review of Alfred’s Kitchen.

I had heard about this place from work mates and actually walked right passed it one day not realising that was the place. I thought it was some kind of canteen which was closed for the day. Then a few days later I read about it in the newspapers. Matt Preston, the food critic, had loved the place and the burgers. Nothing pretentious, just grab a burger and sit on a bench by the open fire were his words or something along those lines. So I decided to try it out for myself. A word of warning, if you mention burger one normally thinks meat patty in between a bun. The menu is not exactly that but allows you to design your own burger. I ordered a bacon and cheese burger and got no meat patty. You have to ask for the steak, bacon and cheese burger. Despite the misunderstanding and initial disappointment, I did get a really tasty burger absolutely packed with a more than generous serving of bacon, plus the cheese, and a really delicious sauce. I really enjoyed the burger but must go back to try the real thing – with meat included this time. I didn’t care for the chips though which were thick and bulky and bland. I think it needed a good dash of salt but they weren’t great.

Verdict: Despite the misunderstanding over the menu, I really enjoyed my bacon and cheese burger but the chips were poor. I’ve heard they also do a really good pea and ham soup too. I still rate Adelphi Steakhouse’s burger much better and their chips are amazing but it costs a bit more. I do need to try some more burgers from Alfred’s Kitchen though, to get a better read on their burgers.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend
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