Cuisine: Indonesian
Location: Northbridge

I went to Sparrows in Northbridge for dinner on the weekend with my family. It’s Indonesian, not authentic, but pretty good and really cheap. We rocked up at 6pm (gets really busy at 7pm on a Saturday) and between the 4 of us had a really good nosh and if you manage to get the owner, mention it’s your first time and you’ll get a 10% discount. So the bill was $55 after the discount. We all enjoyed it very much except mum to which I commented we’ll leave you behind next time around! But everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mum had ordered nasi goreng which was poor compared to what she’s eaten at other places. Word of warning, don’t order the fish cakes – I was expecting patties but something different came out and it wasn’t very good. The beef rendang is described as 3 pieces but are largish chunks of tender meat that will feed plenty. I recommend going there for pretty good tasting food at really good value. Cash only and I suggest you book early, get your food and then get out to avoid the trouble makers that make their appearance in the later hours of the night. A good night out but I was really stuffed. Try the ice cendol and give it a good mix so the palm syrup at the bottom mixes – nice and refreshing. The owners are really warm and friendly so you won’t feel out of place here. For the drinkers, its BYO and there’s no corkage. There’s an opportunity missed by dad!

Verdict: Cash only, for a really good meal in warm friendly surroundings at unbelievable prices, give Sparrows a go. A few dishes are a bit of a miss but there’s others which are really good.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Great
Value: Excellent, really is unbeatable
Recommendation: Recommend

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Sparrow on Urbanspoon

Sparrow on Urbanspoon

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Sparrows, reviewed by Shaun on 2010-03-07T20:36:55+00:00 rating 3.7 out of 5

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  • Chris K.

    You’re wrong about authenticity. Having lived in Jakarta for a decade I can tell you it’s about as authentic as it gets in Perth. No place does every dish exactly the same. The place does business like I wish more would in Perth. It’s real, full of heart is reasonably priced and delivers every time. No pretension what so ever.

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