The Royal

While a nice selection on the menu and a great venue with excellent views, the meals are quite disappointing for pub food. Comparable places offer more and are far tastier and delivered much quicker. The positives were the selection of cakes and cheesecakes which were very nice. . . . → Read More: The Royal

Junior Masterchef

Comments on Junior Masterchef and how amazing those kids are! . . . → Read More: Junior Masterchef

Iron Chef Australia

Comments on Iron Chef Australia and why I think Matt Stone should have won. . . . → Read More: Iron Chef Australia

Jamie Does

Comment on Jamie Oliver’s latest TV series “Jamie Does” and is Moorish Chops that I cooked which were delicious . . . → Read More: Jamie Does


‘m sharing my food experiences at Perth’s restaurants which will hopefully serve as a guide for choosing a great place to enjoy a meal. . . . → Read More: Welcome

Tony Roma's - 15 Oct 2010

Finger licking good! Really tender pork with a delicious sauce. Given there are bones, don’t let the size fool you as to how large it is. There is a decent amount of meat with the regular serving. Certainly would like to visit again. . . . → Read More: Tony Roma’s – 15 Oct 2010

Golden Bakery

This place is the supplier at our work for morning teas and the samosas in particular are delicious. I also enjoy the sausage rolls, meat pies, mini quiches, vegetable pastries or whatever else is ordered on certain Fridays of the month. I could keep going on! The sizes are finger food so if your workplace needs a lot of baked goods for a morning tea or some function, place an order or head down to Golden Bakery. Even if you just want something for lunch the place is worth trying out. . . . → Read More: Golden Bakery

Emporio Bar & Cafe

Overall a lovely dish in a pleasant setting with good service. Good range of meals at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, delivery of meals took far too long. Certainly worth a trip here. . . . → Read More: Emporio Bar & Cafe