Emporio Bar & Cafe

Cuisine: Modern Australian
Location: Perth CBD, underground, below London Court

After a change in jobs, the food doesn’t stop. A lot of the guys go out everyday for lunch so I thought I’d join them and Friday is steak or parma chicken day. The favourite place amongst the guys mainly due to it’s close location is Emporio which is underground, below London Court. While I’ve been to London Court, I never new this whole world existed underground. Didn’t know there was an underground. The place was packed and is obviously a favourite joint for the suits. The Cafe is on one side and the restaurant is on the other. Given we couldn’t find a table in the cafe, we chose to go to the restaurant. Each side has different menus. A nice neat & smart setting, I ordered the crab linguini. The others placed their orders and also ordered drinks. In the Cafe, steaks and parmesan chicken are specialities amongst the guys. Some of the guys were disappointed this wasn’t available in the restaurant so decided to duck off and find a table in the cafe instead. There is a bar here too. The unfortunate thing for all was the time it took to get our meals – 1 hour. To my mind this is unacceptable but in good company, the time flew by so it wasn’t that bad. We eventually got our meals. The pasta came with a small bowl of thinly sliced parmesan cheese which I emptied over the hot pasta and also squeezed the lime half provided. The pasta was moist and tasty. At first there didn’t appear to be much crab but it was all hidden under the pasta. There were a few cherry tomatoes thrown in which were cooked and tasted lovely. I would have like a few more.

Verdict: Overall a lovely dish in a pleasant setting with good service. Good range of meals at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, delivery of meals took far too long. Certainly worth a trip here.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Recommend

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Emporio Bar & Cafe, reviewed by Shaun on 2010-10-01T19:51:55+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5