Golden Bakery

After changing jobs, my new workplace also has morning teas but they get their stuff from Golden Bakery. I did take a trip down to see where this place is and one look through the warming cabinets and you know why it’s called Golden Bakery – the place is lined with all kinds of baked goods from sausage rolls to meat pies to samosas all with a lovely golden pastry. They also do sweet pies as well like custard tarts.

This place is the supplier at our work for morning teas and the samosas in particular are delicious. I also enjoy the sausage rolls, meat pies, mini quiches, vegetable pastries or whatever else is ordered on certain Fridays of the month. I could keep going on! The sizes are finger food so if your workplace needs a lot of baked goods for a morning tea or some function, place an order or head down to Golden Bakery. Even if you just want something for lunch the place is worth trying out.

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Golden Bakery, reviewed by Shaun on 2010-10-09T20:16:39+00:00 rating 4.7 out of 5