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Perth’s Costly Food

In today’s The West Australian, 27th November 2010, p11 – “High Food Costs, Wages See Perth Diners Fork Out More” – I think anyone that has eaten in Melbourne or Sydney and in Perth, will know that Perth’s food is far more expensive. I’m really not sure of the reasons […]

The Punjab

I really loved the breads which are the best I’ve eaten at an Indian restaurant, particularly, the paneer kulcha. I could have kept eating only that all night long. The platter for 2 was also excellent but the mains were disappointing and lacked a lot of flavour. Indian food is such that it is cooked in spices to impart flavour, but can be mild, spicy or chilli hot. Our mains were mild but contained little flavour.

Satay Spot

All up, I enjoyed the flavour of the satay which while subtle, was tasty. Other satay’s can have a much more confronting flavour in comparison. An all round meal with the rice, cabbage and prawn crackers which is great value. They also have other items on their menu, particularly, drinks such as ice cendol and the such, typical of an Indonesian restaurant but available in a food court.

Junior Masterchef Finale

I’ve been following the series right from the beginning and just continue to be amazed at the skill level, creation, time management and quality of the food put up by these young kids. There is very little separating the top 4 in terms of the calibre of the food they […]

Monterey’s – 4 Nov 2010

For $25 with the coupon the variety is amazing and gives you the chance to try nearly everything or just what you like. There were a few meals which I really enjoyed but nothing really stood out and I would have preferred a single meal which was really tasty instead. Then again, other people may be absolutely loving most of the offerings.