Pancakes At The Carillon – 10 Nov 2010

Cuisine: Pancakes
Location: Perth CBD, Carillon City Arcade

I have a more recent food review of Pancakes At The Carillon.

I’ve been here a few times and on my last visit I really was eying the waffles along with everything else on the dessert menu so I decided I should have a light lunch and duck off for a quick snack. Despite the gloomy weather and the rain, it didn’t deter me, I was off for waffles and nothing was going to stop me. A quick trip to the Carillon City Arcade and coming in the middle of the afternoon makes it pretty simple to easily get a table. I sat down in one of the booths and the waitress gave me a menu and was about to walk off to make up my mind but my mind was already made. Waffles! I was asked what sauce – chocolate fudge or caramel? Tough choice but I played it safe with chocolate. After a short wait, out came a large waffle with about 2-3 scoops of ice cream and covered in thick rich hot chocolate fudge. Boy was I salivating at the sight and dug in. Unfortunately the fudge was melting my ice cream very quickly but as I put my first bite of the hot slightly salty distinctive flavour of the waffle with ice cream and fudge I was in heaven! I polished that off in no time. I was disappointed I wasn’t at home as this plate was definitely lickworthy. When there’s still so much sauce and melted ice cream, this cannot be washed down the drain. It must be licked up and savoured. Of course, such behaviour in public is inexcusable so I managed to get as much of the sauce possible via a knife and fork but ultimately it was futile. With much sorrow I walked away but I really was satisfied and enjoyed every bit of that. Nothing like a dessert like that to power you through the remnants of the working day.

Pancakes At The Carillon Food Review Summary

Verdict: This place just doesn’t disappoint and I absolutely loved the waffle with a generous serving of ice cream and hot rich chocolate fudge. Absolutely yum!
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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