Greenhouse – 24 Dec 2010

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Breakfast
Location: Perth CBD

I have a more recent food review of Greenhouse.

I remember seeing this place being built when the En Ex 100 development came along. Once finished, it is a rather unusual establishment that catches the eye because a large section of the top is lined with row after row of pot plants. This place was built out of completely sustainable materials, has it’s own unique insulation, has a top floor terrace where all kinds of ingredients are grown, and the interior including tables and chairs are quirky, reusing something that would normally be thrown away yet inventive enough to turn into suitable seating. There is certainly an emphasis on being green and produce being fresh, organic and sourced locally.

While a stone’s throw away from work, today I visited for the first time for breakfast with my team members. After seeing chef Matt Stone on Iron Chef, I was interested to try this place out. I’m not a fan of anything egg – scrambled, boiled, poached, fried etc so that cut down the menu choices typically on any breakfast menu. Fortunately, they do have a wide selection of offerings so I went with the chorizo, red peppers & spiced bean calzone with avocado. I’m also not a coffee drinker but I do like coffee or mocha flavoured desserts. One of the guys suggested I try their mocha which is very chocolatey, so I did much to the surprise of my team members.

The place was packed so after a reasonable wait, out came the coffees followed by our breakfast. The mocha was delicious, didn’t have that strong bitter coffee taste and didn’t require any extra sugar. It went down like a treat and I enjoyed the chocolate foam on top. My calzone was a decent size, presently nicely, sliced in half and arranged how one would expect at a restaurant. I’ve never eaten calzone before except at home when Mum made it and it was delicious. However, eating calzone for breakfast is something a bit different so I expected the meal to be toned down a bit to suit a more breakfast taste. The calzone itself wasn’t what I expected being more of a light grainy bread-like consistency rather than a more pizza type dough. Either way, it was light and enjoyable but could have been a bit more salty. The filling was lovely with the spicy chorizo, beans in some light sauce, fresh basil, and softened red capsicum. There was also a mini salad using plenty of herbs and lavender flowers which was something very different. This was served a top of a light avocado smudge across the plate. While the beans are supposed to be spiced according to the menu, it wasn’t and could have done with a touch of heat and spice and been a bit more salty as at times the meal tasted a little bland. Maybe it could have done with some cheese such as Parmesan. All up, I quite enjoyed the breakfast and my mocha.

Food Review Summary

Verdict: An enjoyable mocha and an equally enjoyable breakfast. The calzone as a breakfast choice is a bit surprising but they pull it off superbly. Some great flavours there but could have done with a bit more salt. It certainly was filling.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend
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