Monthly Archives: January 2011

Deevine Cafe

While I can’t fault the generosity of the serving of paella with plenty of chicken and a lesser assortment of seafood, the dish was let down by the lack of intensity of flavour that is typical of a paella. If they up the flavour stakes, the dish will be delicious, albeit, a bit different from a typical paella which is dominated by seafood.

To To Vietnamese – 8 Jan 2011

All in all a really good night with an enjoyable meal at a bill below $80. My parents really enjoyed the food and vow to visit again. I got a chance to taste more of what’s on offer on my second visit and really enjoyed the food. This place is popular so make a booking and grab some fine Vietnamese fare. There were plenty of Aussies here too, so they must like it.

Taurus Hawker Foods

Cuisine: Malaysian Location: Willeton This post is a bit unusual as I have never set foot inside Taurus. My Dad had discovered this place so when Mum & Dad want to get out of the house for a quick meal, they head here and kindly pick something up for me […]