Happy Meals Restaurant – 26 Jan 2011

Cuisine: Malaysian
Location: Victoria Park

January 26th is Australia Day but also happens to be my Mum’s birthday. For her celebration she chose a night out at Happy Meals. I’ve eaten here several times as well as enjoyed their takeaway so I was expecting more of the same, delicious food. This time around though, we were going to try some new dishes but keep a few favourites. Being regulars, we were greeted with a warm welcome and taken to our table.

We sat down and given a complementary plate of prawn crackers which my family tucked into but I refrained as it’s a “filler” and I didn’t want to spoil my appetite with what was to come. You must have a strategy of attack! Amongst a group of 6, we gave the entrees a miss and went straight for a selection of mains – 1 large steamed rice, 2 Happy Meals special fried rice, 2 chilli pepper pork spareribs (a favourite of mine and Mum’s too), Szechwan chicken, chilli king prawns, Xiang lamb (might have the name wrong here and/or misspelled). We didn’t have to wait too long and out came the meals in pretty good time.

On the smallish plates, I started with some fried rice which was delicious, several of the lightly battered and deep fried chilli pepper spareribs which are amazing, and then a helping of some juicy tender chilli prawns in their lovely gooey sauce, along with the various vegetables chucked in with all the dishes. The prawns were something I hadn’t had before and it gets a big thumbs up from me. The dishes always have a decent serving and they don’t skimp on meat. The prawns were really tasty and the sauce was unique and added all the flavour to make a delicious dish.

After that, I took some more fried rice and helpings of the Szechwan chicken and the lamb, both dishes I hadn’t tried before. The chicken was accompanied by several dried red chillies with the seeds. I thought what the heck and took one. After biting on the chewy dried chilli and chewing for a while, suddenly a burst of heat had my tongue zinging and me reaching for some water which had been an afterthought all this time in my haste for enjoying the tasty food in front of me. After a few sips and more fried rice in a futile attempt to calm things down, I eventually tasted the chicken which was delicious and went well with the crunchy peanuts. The lamb had a thinnish covering of a paste which was subtle but rather tasty. It really contained some interesting flavours which was a surprise to a rather unassuming dish. We all had a good feed but I was coerced into finishing the leftovers which I did. Stuffed, but comfortable satisfied.

Verdict: I was certainly not disappointed and once again feasted upon another delicious array of food at Happy Meals. All that for about $110 with corkage, water, and a 10% surcharge for a public holiday. For just over $18 per head, it’s a really tasty meal at top value.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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