Taurus Hawker Foods

Cuisine: Malaysian
Location: Willeton

This post is a bit unusual as I have never set foot inside Taurus. My Dad had discovered this place so when Mum & Dad want to get out of the house for a quick meal, they head here and kindly pick something up for me for when I get back from work.

I’ve had a lot of meals from here, but the standout is their Sambal fish which is available boned or whole. Whoa, is this a huge fish! I reckon this is at least 1.5 fish. The fish is covered in delicious, slightly pungent, Sambal with fried onions and wedges of lemon, encased in foil. A separate container of rice accompanies the fish. All this for about $10! There is such a lot this provides me with at least 2.5 meals.

The other favourite of mine is the roast pork with fried rice (available with steamed rice too). I love the delicious roast pork and rendered fat which is all crunchy and the sauce on it is delicious. Their fried rice is also very tasty and goes well with the pork. Once again, another decent serving of pork with the rice for around $9 which is excellent value.

There is a quite a large offering among the different hawker stalls and is exceptional value. The locals like it as it’s always packed and many people head there after work to pick up dinner for the family. It’s certainly worth a try.

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Taurus Hawker Foods, reviewed by Shaun on 2011-01-08T15:48:16+00:00 rating 3.7 out of 5