To To Vietnamese – 8 Jan 2011

Cuisine: Vietnamese
Location: East Victoria Park

After my parents had tried some rice paper rolls with dipping sauce, they were in the mood for some Vietnamese. I suggested a trip to To To’s which I had visited before. Located along the bustling string of eateries along Albany Highway in East Vic Park and Vic Park, grab a parking spot along the road or at the nearby shopping centre. I made a booking for Saturday night which is essential as when we arrived at 6:30pm, there were few empty tables. As the night wore on, the place was jam packed with those unfortunate not to make a booking paying the price by having to wait some time, outside. The inside is very decent and air conditioned. After being presented with the menus and a glass for Dad’s bottle of wine (this place is BYO, which didn’t escape Dad’s attention), we pored through the numerous offerings. There is a really large range to choose from starting with entree’s, meals for one, mains, and desserts. We decided on rice paper rolls, deep fried squid, and satay chicken on skewers for our entrees. Within a jiffy, out came the entrees. I’m not a huge fan of the rice paper rolls and while these were good, I’ve had better including the dipping sauce. I had a bit of the satay which was great with plenty of the satay sauce. The deep fried squid was delicious! A light crispy batter encasing the tender squid with a nice sweet dipping sauce.

For mains we went with chilli pepper chicken, Mongolian lamb, large fried rice and a bowl of steamed white rice. As with the entrees, the mains didn’t take long to make their way from the kitchen. Generous servings greeted us. The chilli pepper chicken isn’t chilli hot at all and resembles something a bit like salt and pepper squid. The dish is round deep fried balls of chicken coated in the seasonings. I really enjoyed this dish and there’s a mixture of chilli, pepper, onions and garlic, all cut really fine floating about amongst the crispy chicken balls. The Mongolian lamb was tender and quite mild. It could pack a bit of heat for some added kick but is quite a ‘safe’ dish to go for but could be a bit more flavoursome. I quite enjoyed this but my parents didn’t agree. Mum & I really like fried rice and this was really good. At several places, the fried rice can be quite a let down but not here. Dad in between sips of his wine, enjoyed his steamed rice with the other mains. We all had a good feed and there was still left overs so we asked for a container to take the rest home. Can’t let good food go to waste! I think they charge for the container so you might want to come prepared.

For the desserts, they centre around ice chendol type drinks. There is fried ice cream and pineapple fritters with ice cream too. Once again, a large range to choose from. Dad went with the ice chendol which was pretty good but not as good as this hawker stall type establishment in Willeton, Taurus. I went with To To’s Ice Chendol with Durian. I haven’t eaten durian before. I’ve heard it smells like crap but tastes like heaven. Once my drink came out my parents were commenting on the awful smell and that it smelt like it was off. I didn’t notice too much but after having a slurp, a rather sweet but not overpowering, just confronting flavour came through! It wasn’t wow but quite tropical. After getting through most of the drink and the shaved ice which had by now melted, the chunks of fruit were on offer. It was pretty good but I gave the rest to Dad to finish.

Verdict: All in all a really good night with an enjoyable meal at a bill below $80. My parents really enjoyed the food and vow to visit again. I got a chance to taste more of what’s on offer on my second visit and really enjoyed the food. This place is popular so make a booking and grab some fine Vietnamese fare. There were plenty of Aussies here too, so they must like it.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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