House of Pasta – 1 Feb 2011

Cuisine: Italian
Location: Perth CBD, Forrest Chase

Note: The Perth store has closed down, however, other locations still open.

Note: This review is based on the Perth store which I’m told runs on a different business model to the other stores so this store might offer different deals / pricing given the amount of foot traffic in the city.

I have a more recent food review of House of Pasta.

My work mates introduced me to this place which is a short stroll away in Forrest Chase, next to Subway. This store has been open for some months now, but there’s little info available if you’re looking for the location as it’s not even listed on their own website!

I’ve gone here a couple of times, and as a lover of Italian food, the food is really tasty considering this is effectively fast food, being part of a franchise chain. Usually you pay at least $20+ for an Italian dish at an establishment, but here the prices are far less and there’s no compromise on taste. On Mondays – Wednesdays they also have lunch specials where certain items on the menu are available in a small serve with really delicious garlic bread and a drink for just $7.95. They also have certain items available in the cabinets for $5.

On my first visit I had the lunch special, choosing spinach and ricotta cannelloni. I got two longish and well filled cannelloni. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the filling was delicious. A generous, lovely tomato sauce accompanied the meal and capped off a tasty combination. I was really impressed with the standard. The garlic bread is also delicious and you wish there was more. I also ordered a pepperoni calzone which was toasted in the oven and brought out. Once again, really delicious pizza with an adequate amount of toppings. The pepperoni, ham, bacon and gooey cheese went down like a treat!

On my second visit I went with a small serve of tortellini Roma with cream mushroom & chicken sauce, and a pepperoni calzone. The tortellini was really tasty with a flavoursome light creamy sauce encompassing the soft tortellini. For just $5, it’s unbelievable. The calzone didn’t disappoint once again and capped off a pleasant end to the afternoon. At $5 as well, you can’t get better value. I had brought home some pizza on my first visit which my parents enjoyed and they told me not to come back empty handed on second visit, so I also picked up 2 different chicken pizzas as take away orders. My parents were very happy and I had a bit of the pizza despite being pretty full and it was really good.

The service is also very friendly which is another standout from this place in the city.
There are other stores in Perth so check their site out for locations and their menu.

Food Review Summary

Verdict: A large amount of pasta and pizza offerings to choose from at really good prices, especially with the lunch specials. The offerings I’ve enjoyed so far have been delicious and I’ve been impressed with the quality. Friendly service also helps. Certainly worth trying out.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommend: Highly Recommend
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