Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – Masala Chat

Cuisine: Indian
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Little India

KL Little India

KL Little India

One of the stops on the hop on hop off bus tour was Little India. When we got off and had a look around, the place seemed very quiet and deserted apart from the Indian music blaring out of one of the loudspeakers. The place has it’s own interesting feel and atmosphere and being tourists, maybe we missed the area where all the action is. Also, we went on a weekday which may explain the quietness. Maybe the place really comes alive during the weekends.

After walking around and looking to see what’s on offer, we stumbled upon Masala Chat which had a selection of Indian sweets in the front display cabinet and sold other meals for really cheap. There seemed to be a reasonable amount of people already seated enjoying their meals so we decided to go in and grab a table.

KL Little India Masala Chat

KL Little India Masala Chat

After looking at the menu, we couldn’t believe how cheap the meals were. Yes, Malaysia is cheap but the prices here were a giveaway! We gave our order to the waiter who didn’t bother writing it down, repeated our order which we confirmed, and then gave the head shake from side to side which only Indians can do. We found that very funny despite coming from an Indian background ourselves. However, we do not do the Indian head shake.

We ordered:

  • Poori Set (bottom left) – 2 fluffy and light pooris (a type of Indian bread), with dhal and vegetables. Poori’s were light and tasty, while the mild vegetable and slightly more spicier dhal were great too. My cousin did manage to mistake a small green chilli for a green bean which proceeded to light his tongue on fire.
  • Butter Chicken (bottom right) – a little sweet and very different to what I’ve eaten in Perth. The flavour is completely different being quite spicy. The chicken seemed to have been coated in a batter and fried before being immersed in the sauce. Still, this was really good.
  • Roti Kanai (top left) – a paper thin and soft roti (another type of Indian bread), with 2 dhals. The roti was tasty and mopped up the rather spicy dhals.
  • Strawberry lassi – (lassi is a yoghurt based drink) really refreshing with the flavour of the fresh strawberries coming through, however, they were quite sweet. The yoghurt was thin but dense.
  • Mango lassi – also sweet but nice and thick

My cousin also picked up a selection of Indian sweets on the way out which were really good. While I like Indian, I’m not a big fan of Indian sweets. The prices are so cheap here. My meal was the equivalent of 33c (AUD) while the butter chicken was around $2. The meals are simple and small, but they’re so cheap you can order another or try something else from the wide selection of meals on the menu.

Verdict: The food is very representative of India and is a must visit. The food is very simple and really cheap, but cheap does not mean it’s not tasty. The Indian breads are delicious and our meals were lovely and made for a nice breakfast. There’s a large menu selection and an array of sweets to take away and enjoy later.
Price: Bargain, prices are a giveaway
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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