Monthly Archives: March 2011

What The Pho

I love duck pancakes and they didn’t disappoint but I have had slightly better versions. The stuffed chicken wings were different and quite tasty as was the five spiced chicken but it lacked a bit of flavour. The ice kechang was very good too but I have had better. Overall, the food was very enjoyable and for the two of us, $50 seemed reasonable for entree, mains and dessert. I guess their speciality is pho so maybe pho enthusiasts could give a better evaluation of the food served.

Sarpino’s Pizzeria Perth

For $11.50, I was very satisfied with my pizza and would recommend a visit here. All pizzas are different. For a cheaper price, one could head down to Domino’s, or for a similar price you could pick up a couple of slices at Delisio at enex100 or Delizioso Cafe at Carillon City. Domino’s is typical fast food whereas at the other pizza by the slice stores, you can get a whole new pizza experience.

Knives Out For WA Restaurants

“Knives Out For WA Restaurants” – well that was the title of an article in today’s The Sunday Times on page 24, March 27 2011. One of Australia’s leading food reviewers, John Lethlean, sunk the boot into many WA eateries and was far from impressed with what was served up […]

Windsor Cafe & Garden

Pizza is a universal favourite and this was the third wood fired pizza I’ve tried. Their pizzas were quite tasty but I preferred the offerings at Ciao Italia instead, especially when comparing price. While the pizzas had a lovely wood fired smoked flavour with an adequate cover of toppings, the flavour balance isn’t quite right between all three varieties that I tried. They don’t just do wood fired pizzas so check out their other offerings at their website.

Tony Roma’s – 11 Mar 2011

I found the chicken quite disappointing, especially for the price. The highlight was the red beans in the spicy sauce but you don’t come to a restaurant for the sides. I’m not sure what the other selections on their menu are like with steak, seafood, burgers and pasta to try, but it’s best if you stick with the ribs which are delicious.

Dragon Palace – 6 Mar 2011

The food is always delicious and the whole family loved it. Among the 6 of us, the bill came to under $100 so for around $16 a head, you can’t get better value. The dishes don’t skimp on meat and are generous in that regard. The upstairs private room added that extra special touch as well as being seated on the lounge chairs.