Windsor Cafe & Garden

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Pub Food
Location: South Perth

It’s nice that at our work we get the chance to have a quarterly away day where we have a quick gloss over what’s happened in the quarter, a bit of goal setting, feedback on how things are going etc. That’s followed by a lunch out somewhere and then some sort of activity. Today it was lunch at the Windsor Cafe & Garden in South Perth and lawn bowls which is something I’ve never tried.

At around 12pm we made the trip to the ferry but just missed it so it was decided to have drinks at the Lucky Shag to pass the half hour till the next ferry came by. Time flew quickly and we boarded the ferry. I’ve never been on the ferry but it’s quick and comfortable trip across the river, although, it’s a bit stuffy inside. After disembarking, a quick walk up the road and we were there. Fortunately we had pre-ordered so it was a short wait and out came the meals one by one. I went with the Johnny Cash wood fired pizza which came with cajun spiced beef, lamb sausage, mushrooms, onions, tomato, chilli and mozzarella. The base was thin and the smoky wood fired flavour came through. There was an adequate coating of mozzarella and a good amount of beef and sausage. I really enjoyed the pizza but felt it lacked that punch of flavour.

A few of the other ladies also ordered pizzas so we swapped a piece each which was good because you get more variety. I tried three little piggies which came with pepperoni, chorizo, bacon, barbecue sauce and mozzarella; and the other was prawn star with the toppings chilli prawns, confit garlic, cherry tomatoes, roasted capsicum, and salsa verde. The prawn star had a different flavour which was a little more richer and creamier with the prawns. I thought it was quite nice but preferred mine. It needed something extra and despite an order of chilli flakes, after a more than generous sprinkling, it didn’t really do the trick. The three little pigs on the hand really contrasted with the prawn star. Being a very meaty pizza, one bite in and you are hit with the strong saltiness of the meats and the sweetness of the barbecue sauce. I enjoyed this much better and preferred it to mine, although it is a little intense and would get a bit much to eat. I preferred the flavour but it needs to be toned down a bit. The Johnny Cash, on the other hand, needed a toning up in flavour.

Verdict: Pizza is a universal favourite and this was the third wood fired pizza I’ve tried. Their pizzas were quite tasty but I preferred the offerings at Ciao Italia instead, especially when comparing price. While the pizzas had a lovely wood fired smoked flavour with an adequate cover of toppings, the flavour balance isn’t quite right between all three varieties that I tried. They don’t just do wood fired pizzas so check out their other offerings at their website.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Good
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again
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