House Of Pasta – 9 Apr 2011

Cuisine: Italian
Location: Perth CBD, Forrest Chase

Note: The Perth store has closed down, however, other locations still open.

Well since my first visit to House of Pasta in Forrest Chase, I have gone back many a time to sample their other pasta dishes and pizzas. To be honest, although I was full of praise for the quality of food on my first visit, the quality has deteriorated since. It’s not the case of trying a place for the first time and being in awe only to be disappointed on each subsequent visit, the food has been a bit inconsistent. I’ve had a few pizzas that were quite dry and others that have been really nice. I’ve had their lasagne which is pretty good but the tomato based sauce that accompanies it, is a bit too sweet. I also tried their ravioli and the pasta wasn’t cooked through fully.

As a result, I’m downgrading my initial recommendation from Highly Recommend to Recommend. This is a franchise in a fast food type outlet, not restaurant quality. However, for the price of $5 during Monday to Wednesday, you can get a really good variety of food from their menu. While the food has varied in quality and taste, what is consistent is the friendly staff. It’s probably a place I’ve exhausted, but for a cheap eat when you’re in the mood for Italian, I’d still recommend trying one of their dishes available from the various offerings on their menu. There’s always people coming so the place is far from quiet.

Food Review Summary

Price: Bargain
Taste: Great
Value: Excellent
Recommend: Recommend
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