Jean Pierre Sancho – 5 Apr 2011

Cuisine: French, patisserie
Location: Perth CBD, 111 St Georges Terrace

A new store of the franchise opened up on St Georges Terrace, on the corner of William Street where BOQ is situated. I’d caught up with my ex-workmates for coffee and cake one afternoon and have since visited again.

On my first outing, I surveyed what little was left in the glass cabinet given it was the middle of the afternoon and many of the items had sold out. I decided on the mango delice which was a two layered dessert consisting of a sponge cake on the bottom and a mango layer on top, topped with a piping of chocolate and a few raspberries scattered about. In my opinion, the sponge cake component didn’t really go with the whole dessert as it was nice but a bit dry and contrasted too much to the top layer. The mango layer was like a panacotta feel and consistency with a raspberry jam centre. The mango layer was delicious, light, moist and made the dessert. The tart raspberries on top added a contrast to the flavour of the mango which wasn’t too sweet but just right.

On my second visit, I was craving a chocolate eclair so I popped off to Jean Pierre Sancho, having spied them in the cabinet on my first visit. It looked a little small, but one bite and out oozed a delicious chocolate custard that was not too sweet, had the right intensity of chocolate and was just amazing. It really hit the spot. The dessert was actually quite deceptive as it was quite dense and so the small size was in fact the perfect size. The pastry was lovely and the chocolate layer on the top added a bit of crunch and a different texture to the smooth custard. Certainly surprised on the upside and left me more than satisfied. I returned to work a happy customer.

Food Review Summary

Verdict: Certainly worth a try if you love pastries. Really yum!
Price: Bargain – you pay for quality
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

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