Slurp Soup & Salad Bar

Cuisine: Soup
Location: Perth CBD, underground Allendale Square

I was catching up for lunch with one of my ex-colleagues and he really fancied some chicken soup to compensate for not feeling too crash hot. A quick search of any such soups yielded Slurp Soup & Salad Bar. It’s also close by, underground Allendale Square. There’s always a fair amount of activity in the underground arcade and Slurp was far from quiet. We had a quick look at the soups available on the wall and opted for chicken roulede and I chose the beef goulash. We both had the large size which came with either rice or bread – we each opted for toasted bread. My soup was full of flavour, contained good decent sized chunks of tender beef at the bottom and lots of cubed potato. The consistency was kind of watery with lots of herbs floating about. The toasted bread was really nice too, but I could have done with another slice. I was quite happy with the soup but for just under $10, might be a little steep. I didn’t find the large size to be all that large. My lunch partner also really enjoyed his soup and was just what he needed.

On a side note, after a short while, I was still hungry so I ducked off to the patisserie in David Jones food court, to the left of Baskin & Robbins. There, I chose the Bailey’s cheesecake which was lovely but had only the slightest hint of Baileys. Up the intensity of Bailey’s flavour and I would have been completely satisfied.

Verdict: There didn’t seem to be a huge range of soups to choose from, but the soups we had were really lovely and had a decent amount of meat and the toasted bread topped it off. I think the price could be cheaper as around $10 for a soup is a bit much. It’s not hugely filling so make sure you grab something else, maybe something from the salad bar.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Good, I think just under $10 is a bit steep for soup.
Recommendation: Recommend

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Slurp Soup & Salad Bar, reviewed by Shaun on 2011-04-11T19:21:08+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5