Iku Sushi – 5 May 2011

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Perth CBD

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I’m always up for trying something new and there are a number of eateries that have opened up as part of the one40william street development above the Perth underground train station on Murray Street. I didn’t realise I’ve walked past this place a number of times and not noticed it. I was catching up for lunch with an ex-colleague and suggested a visit here. A nice clean, bright and narrowish shop greeted us before being greeted by one of the staff who alerted us to the fact of a hot menu available on the electronic screens above the counter apart from the refrigerated display of pre-packed sushi as you enter.

I settled on the large serve of chicken cheeseburger sushi for just $7.95. They do normal sushi but this has chicken and cheese as the filling before being lightly crumbed and deep fried. Rather unusual but I decided to try it. The place is a little bit different in that it appears like any other sushi joint but yet is a kind of quasi-restaurant with places to sit and eat, casualness without being tacky and friendly service to boot with staff on the floor. Place your order and pay for it, take a seat with one of those electronic buzzers and when your meal is ready, a staff member brings out your meal. Your table also has a selection of chopsticks, soy sauce mini-fish containers, plastic forks, and serviettes. Quite a different experience but they certainly differentiate themselves from the competition. My serve came with a thousand island dressing which, combined with the sushi, turned out to be quite rich after eating the lot. The cheese was nicely melted and oh so melt in your mouth cheesy, with tender chunks of chicken and the rice. A lovely golden brown and light crispy batter encased the sushi, adding a contrasting texture. I must warn that the large serve is very rich and I felt a bit sick afterward. Nothing wrong with the food, just needed a tangy salad to balance the richness or maybe I should have opted for a smaller serve and picked up some Miso soup instead.

Food Review Summary

Verdict: I think the setting, service and friendliness were standout features of Iku Sushi. Along with some rather quirky offerings like my chicken cheeseburger deep fried sushi, I really enjoyed the meal and would like to come back to sample more of their offerings on the menu.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Iku Sushi
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