Cuisine: Italian
Location: Perth CBD

Our company was hosting a number of guests from another company for a few days, so that meant another lunch out. The destination was Millioncino which I have never heard of nor seen as I’ve not ventured past Tiger Lil’s on Murray Street, but if you keep going, you’ll find this fine dining Italian establishment. We took our seats and looked over the set lunch menu which had several selections under both entree and mains. I opted for the Tasmanian salmon for starters and a mushroom risotto for mains.

The entree was generous with 4 reasonably thickish slices that were very deceptive on the large plate. They initially looked quite slender as per those in the supermarkets but not these. There were served upon some fresh lettuce leaves which went well with the rich salmon. The salmon appeared to be quite fatty but an oil based dressing was sprinkled atop. Simple and enjoyable.

I haven’t eaten a risotto in Perth so I opted for the mushroom risotto this time round. The risotto was generous and had a strong but not overpowering flavour of mushrooms. There were a few mushrooms to the side hidden away in the soft gooey rice grains. The texture was soft and tasty but lacked something else, such as bacon.

Millioncino Food Review Summary

Verdict: I wasn’t particularly hungry so that really impacts how one interprets the meal at hand. Nonetheless, the simple entree of salmon was delicious and well thought out with the richness of the salmon, an oil based sauce/dressing, along with the fresh lettuce leaves combining perfectly. The mushroom risotto was creamy and full of the mushroom flavour but did not wow. A delicious meal.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Good
Recommendation: Recommend

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