Tony Roma’s – 27 May 2011

Cuisine: Steak, American
Location: Perth CBD (other locations world wide)

I have a more recent food review of Tony Roma’s.

Another farewell lunch meant a trip down to Tony Roma’s. My first visit here was excellent while my last visit wasn’t so good. Based on my last visit in choosing the chicken, I decided to go with their specialty – ribs. I opted for a combo which included a half rack of ribs with crispy fried prawns, a side of coleslaw and another side of smashed baked potato. Given there was no morning tea, I was starving so it was a good thing we pre-ordered our meals and didn’t have to wait as long for them to arrive. However, in our large party, I seemed to be among the last to receive my meal which further whet my appetite after seeing everyone else’s meals arrive in front of me, causing me to salivate further.

Eventually, out came my meal which I preceded to tuck into and polish off the meal in a systematic manner. The ribs were delicious with their distinctive sweetish BBQ sauce and chargrilled flavour immersed into the pork. The pork was a bit chewy at times unlike my first visit where they were tender. The deep fried prawns were very large and contained a lovely covering of crumbed batter which was crunchy and delicious. A sweetish sauce along with a wedge of lemon were provided for the prawns. The coleslaw was refreshing and tasty too. I hadn’t had the smashed baked potato before but a large round potato was presented and cut open slightly into four quarters with a dollop of sour cream, melted cheese, bacon and grated cheese to finish. The potato was soft and fluffy with the sour cream and cheese adding that lovely flavour. The bacon was more like ham and didn’t add any saltiness to the potato unfortunately. I really enjoyed my meal.

We also got the opportunity for dessert so I decided to try something new after opting for the chocolate avalanche the first time around. I went with the strawberry cheesecake and was presented with a decent sized slice with two strawberry halves adorning the top dusted with icing sugar and a small amount of strawberry coulees to finish. The cheesecake is different to what I’ve had in our family (my Aunty makes a delicious cheesecake). It was cheesy but a bit like cake. The base was firm and tasty but I really could have done with a lot more strawberry coulees. The dessert was very good but my Aunty’s version wins out easily.


Tony Roma’s Food Review Summary

Verdict: As per my last visit, stick with the ribs as it’s their specialty. I really enjoyed my whole meal with the ribs their usual best but some bits a bit chewy, the crumbed and fried prawns were large and delicious, the coleslaw was excellent and I enjoyed the smashed potato. The strawberry cheesecake was solid.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Recommend

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