Koko Black

Cuisine: Dessert, chocolatier
Location: Claremont, Claremont Quarters retail precinct

I have a more recent food review of Koko Black’s new salon at Perth CBD.

Koko Black is the place several bloggers have been talking about and has been mentioned as one of several chocolatiers springing up around Perth in The Sunday Times’ Taste lift out. I decided to make the trip into Claremont with my cousin and try some of their offerings. Situated in the retail precinct Claremont Quarters, it took some time to find till we walked towards a crowd and discovered Koko Black. Chocolate abounds everywhere you look with the shelves lined with all kinds of chocolate to the glass window where one can observe some of the menu items being made. After looking through the menu, we decided on the Queen of Hearts, Koko Black’s interpretation of high tea to be shared between two.

After a reasonable wait, out came several sweet and savoury offerings on a tiered stand as shown below.

Koko Black's Queen of Hearts

Koko Black’s Queen of Hearts

The items included are (clockwise from top tier first):

  • Vanilla Panacotto – I’m not a fan of panacotto but this was delicious, a creme brulee like taste
  • Warm Chocolate Tart – thick, gooey chocolate which was a bit rich
  • Alice Lammington – nice light lammington
  • Lemon Curd Tart – slightly sweet and sour lemon curd tart
  • Chocolate Opera Cake – really really yummy chocolate cake
  • Roasted vegetable and bocconcini with pesto toasted sandwich – really tasty flavours in the nicely toasted sandwich
  • Leek & RIcotta Tart – well balanced and tasty tart
  • Pastrami, gruyere and seeded mustard toasted sandwich quarter – another really tasty toasted sandwich
  • Cheese, Bacon & Cherry Tomato Tart – well balanced once again with the acidic and slightly sweet tomato cutting off any richness that might be offered by the cheese and saltiness of the bacon
  • Choice of tea, coffee, hot or iced chocolate – we went with hot chocolate – this was like having liquid rich chocolate. The glass of water is definitely required to kill off the richness and go back for more sips of the hot chocolate till it can be consumed in full

The pastry of the tarts was excellent, soft, buttery and crumbly as were the sweet pastries for the lemon curd and warm chocolate tarts. The toasted sandwiches, while not sounding all that spectacular were a real surprise and in the simplicity, were offered up some delicious flavours. From the desserts, the chocolate opera cake was a standout with the vanilla panacotto full of the vanilla flavour adding the delicious finishing touch. The hot chocolate is tough to finish off given the oh so rich chocolate that is soo tasty! Save that glass of water as it will be difficult to finish without it.

Couldn’t finish without grabbing some hand made chocolates but I’m far too full to eat any of them. I’ll provide an update at a later date.

*** Update ***
I had 4 chocolates of which I can’t exactly remember the names:

  • Cappuccino truffle – not much cappuccino flavour but the truffle centre was delicious
  • Salted caramel – interesting combination of the salt and the sweetness of the chocolate and gooey caramel, really tasty
  • Strawberry caramel praline? – one bite into it and you can see two layers, neither of which looks like strawberry but is yum
  • Strawberry cream triple – like one little rounded chocolate joined with another 2 like it, lovely strawberry centers

Also been eating a 45g milk chocolate bar which I’ve had a cube of thus far. The chocolate is firm and has a lovely chocolate flavour that lingers in your month. Once again, yum.

*** End Update ***

Koko Black Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’m glad to have finally made a visit and sample what Koko Black has to offer but the high tea didn’t exactly wow me. For all the hype of this place, I don’t think it lived up to it but the standard is solid. The standouts were the chocolate opera cake, vanilla panacotta, both sets of toasted sandwiches and the hot chocolate. The other items were nice but without being uplifting. Nonetheless, if I were close by and wanted a quick snack of some sorts, a visit here is a must. Having sampled some of the chocolates, these are delicious and one can see they excel in this area and is their specialty.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Recommend

Koko Black Restaurant Details

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