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Cuisine: Modern Australian, Pub Food
Location: East Victoria Park

Today we had our quarterly away day at work where there is a bit of planning, lunch, and an afternoon activity (table tennis for today), and drinks. A chance to get out of the office and refresh and recharge, the Balmoral Hotel in East Victoria Park was the chosen venue for our lunch. After boarding the bus in the the CBD and hopping off outside Heart of the Park shopping centre, a relaxing stroll for a few blocks in drizzling rain, we arrived and entered the Balmoral Hotel. It was quite packed with a few of the regulars I assume and a number of work people about. The high ceilings and dim lights create a peaceful ambience with the chatter of conversation creating the atmosphere that is typical of a pub.

We took our seats at two tables and were brought out bottles of cold water. Fortunately we had pre-ordered our meals so the wait shouldn’t be as long. Service was a bit slow in coming around to grab drink orders so a bit of signalling got their attention and then the line of drinks that came out satisfied the thirsty. After some time, the meals came out one by one but mine was no where to be seen. By the time my meal came out, a few of the guys had already finished and most were well through their meals. I thought this was pretty poor. I guess my meal would take longer but then you would think to start this earlier so the other meals come out at around the same time.

Balmoral Hotel's Pork Rib Eye

Balmoral Hotel’s Pork Rib Eye

The initial menu was changed and we were informed of the update one day before so I had to change my order from pork belly to a pork rib eye. The pork rib eye had a nice char of the grill marks but wasn’t that large. It was served upon tasty baby potatoes, spinach, pan fried tomatoes which gave that slightly sweet and acidic flavour, and caramelised spanish onion which leant a sweetish flavour to the meal. The truffle scented olive oil was sparse and had a nice flavour. I couldn’t identify the balsamic creme though. My pork was slightly overdone with the pork not too far away from being tender but was a little dry. Quite tasty. The other ingredients complemented the meal well but the serving size could have been larger as I was still hungry. Fortunately, one of the guys didn’t turn up so his Wagyu beef burger with bacon, egg, cheese and other fillings with chips was picked apart by the other guys. There was still some left over so I tucked into that. The lovely crispy bacon, sauce, tender beef and bun provided enough to leave me full and satisfied. The burger was far more tasty than my main meal.

Food Review Summary

Verdict: Quite a solid meal but for a pub, the serving was on the less generous side and didn’t excite. Not an overly impressive meal and the long wait wasn’t worth it. The pork was slightly overdone and had dried out a bit.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Try Once If You Want But Not Worth Visiting Again

I’ve also included a rating on the Wagyu beef burger, although, I didn’t sample the meal in it’s entirety. Quite a contrast from the pork rib eye.

Verdict: The leftover Wagyu beef burger in comparison, was very tasty and would have been a better option than the pork rib eye. Quite nice chips but I’ve had better.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend
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