The Terrace Lounge – 29 Jul 2011

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Pub Food
Location: Perth CBD, St Georges Terrace

I have a more recent food review of The Terrace Lounge.

I returned to work early on a Friday morning after being off sick the day before. Going through the stack of emails in the inbox was a meeting invite to lunch. Accept! Pretty easy decision. The location for a bit of a get together was a place not far from my prior job – The Terrace Lounge, formerly known as The Somerset. Certainly a popular drinking spot with the raised venue overlooking the many passers by upon the footpath of St George’s Terrace, or just the ‘terrace’ for those in the CBD. Despite sharing a few after work sessions here, I’d never eaten here till today. After having a look at the menu where there is plenty to choose from, I decided upon the double cheese beef burger – topped with lettuce, tomato, pickled gherkins and tomato dijonnaise served with beer battered chips.

Tables are at the back with most of the area reserved for patrons chucking back a few to get through Friday arvo. Having the luxury of pre-ordering our meals, the wait was reduced with enough time for the ordering of drinks and a few gulps.

Out came my burger which was stacked high and crammed with plenty. The lovely crispy bun contained cheese on the bottom and top of the burger but it’s flavour was overtaken by other ingredients. A tasty chunky meaty pattie sat atop the salad upon the initial layer of melted cheese, which was then topped with the lovely sauce with plenty of gherkins which give that lovely acidic and sweetish taste. It’s a large burger which is near impossible to wrap your mouth around at first, but is conquerable after you start chipping away at it. It’s really delicious and so were the delicious, crispy chips. For $14, it’s excellent value and made for a very filling meal.

I’m not sure what my work colleagues thought of their meals. The response was a bit mixed with some liking their meals and a few others not enjoying theirs (specifically a pie of the day with a curry filling that tasted like it came out of a can; and the other was a pizza scarce of bacon and salami as listed in the ingredients). I did have a quick taste of a spare meal ordered for someone who didn’t turn up – the salt and pepper squid salad – I had a piece of the lightly battered squid which was very tender but lacking the flavour of the salt and pepper.

Terrace Lounge Food Review Summary

Verdict: Well I can only comment on what I ate and my burger was delicious and so too were the chips. The chips lacked the flavour of beer batter but that suited me fine. A very filling meal and for only $14, was a bargain.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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