Monthly Archives: August 2011

Regal On Roe Seafood Restaurant

My family and I really enjoyed each of the dishes we ordered which was tasty. The place was clean and presentable and the service was fast and efficient. Another standout dim sum restaurant. Come well before 12pm as this place is popular. In comparison to the other dim sim restaurants, this would rank a little bit lower in terms of quality but not by much. No complaints from me – another satisfied customer and a delicious breakfast!

Various Patisserie Items

Le Croissant Du Moulin

For me, the Gateau Passionfruit was the highlight with the Gateau Chocolate a distant second but still very delicious. I also particularly enjoyed the spinach, feta and tomato quiche. This is the third patisserie I’ve visited apart from Scents Of Taste and Jean Pierre Sancho. Each has their own style and range of items but I would prefer the latter two over Le Croissant Du Moulin on a value basis. Price would be the only differentiating factor as the quality across all three is high and the taste delicious. If you’re close by, then I’d certainly recommend a visit as you won’t be disappointed. Cash only.

The Bonsai Restaurant Cafe and Lounge

Throughout the night, the service was excellent, attentive and efficient. While the food may look simple, it is anything but. That is the nature of Japanese cuisine. I really enjoyed my dinner and was full. All those little dishes add up fast and the dessert finished things off. Some dishes were tasty without being spectacular, but others were just delicious with lots of flavour. I particularly enjoyed the Wagyu Beef Tataki and the Tempura Soft Shell Crab while the Chocolate Indulgence was as the name suggested – superb! For 8 dishes at around $12 each on average, a total bill just under $100 is not bad. The entertainment book’s discount made it even better.