Le Croissant Du Moulin

Cuisine: French, patisserie
Location: Gooseberry Hill

From Clockwise: Gateau Chocolate; Spinach, Feta and Tomato Quiche; Pain Au Chocolate; Chocolate Eclair; Raspberry and Apricot Tart; and Gateau Passionfruit
Various Patisserie Items

Le Croissant Du Moulin’s Various Patisserie Items

While looking for a particular restaurant on www.yourrestaurants.com.au, I came across the category “Patisseries”. I love patisseries so I clicked on it and had a look through the various restaurants listed. One is Le Croissant Du Moulin which isn’t too far away so I took a drive there this morning navigating through the steep inclines and winding roads till I stumbled upon the Gooseberry Village which is home to Le Croissant Du Moulin. It seemed very French with heaps of cyclists around the area and several cycles leaning against the walls of the cafe. Inside, the place was buzzing with activity will plenty of patrons. I walked in and stood glued to the display cabinet looking at all that was before me. There’s just too many to choose from! Eventually, I had to settled on a selection so after careful deliberation, I chose the following items:

  • Gateau Chocolate – like the gateau opera cake shown on MasterChef
  • Spinach, Feta and Tomato Quiche
  • Pain Au Chocolate, aka Chocolate Croissant
  • Chocolate Eclair
  • Raspberry Tart
  • Gateau Passionfruit
Chocolate Croissant

Le Croissant Du Moulin’s Pain Au Chocolate

Well, since I hadn’t eaten breakfast, I decided to lightly warm up the Pain Au Chocolate and tuck into that. The croissant was delicious, so light and flaky. It contained just enough gooey thick chocolate that wasn’t too sweet. This was a great start to breakfast!

Gateau Chocolate

Le Croissant Du Moulin’s Gateau Chocolate

Next, I had a portion of the Gateau Chocolate. This was amazing! The sponge was light, the chocolate mousse was light, airy and chocolatey, the coffee layer contained a real hit of that lovely mocha flavour I love, the top layer seemed to have the slightest bit of caramel, and then to top it off, a fruity, sweet jelly complements the dish. Finally, a piped portion of chocolate that was delicious. All those flavours and textures zinging around in one mouthful. The mocha and jelly elements dominate. Really delicious.

Next, I decided to have a portion of the Chocolate Eclair. The eclair seemed quite dense and heavy and may have been a little bit dry but was tasty. This was filled with a gooey chocolate custard like consistency which was chocolatey but not sweet. I believe it could have been a bit more sweeter. This was quite tasty too but I think Jean Pierre Sancho’s version is far superior and cheaper.

Spinach, Feta and Tomato Quiche

Le Croissant Du Moulin’s Spinach, Feta and Tomato Quiche

I wasn’t finished there! The ride home with my purchase of various items had one item giving off a strong smell – the quiche. It smelt amazing. I decided to have a sliver to finish off the sweet with something savoury. I warmed up the quiche and slowly savoured the soft, light filling of the quiche. Delicious! The feta was just enough to give enough salt to the dish and complement the flavour of the spinach and egg mixture. The roasted tomato added another dimension which, surprisingly, was not sweet and acidic but a lovely earthy roasted flavour instead. The pastry was soft and crumbly which really aided in making the dish, hovering in the background as a vehicle for the other flavours but not being overpowered.

Well that was enough for breakfast, but I returned again in the afternoon to try some of the other pastries. I started with the Gateau Passionfruit which was an absolute standout. Really refreshing, the passionfruit was delicious and the light passionfruit filling was outstanding. Unlike the Gateau Chocolate, there didn’t appear to be several layers but that didn’t bother me. There was once again a fruit jelly on top which rounded off the passionfruit flavours. The last item to taste was the raspberry and apricot tart. The stewed apricot was delicious, almost like a soft jelly with the tartness of the raspberry adding a striking contrast. This was all surrounded by light, flaky pastry being the tart. I think the raspberry was a little too tart but a delicious dessert nonetheless. It’s nice to indulge oneself with some tasty pastries and Le Croissant Du Moulin didn’t disappoint on the taste front.

Food Review Summary

Verdict: For me, the Gateau Passionfruit was the highlight with the Gateau Chocolate a distant second but still very delicious. I also particularly enjoyed the spinach, feta and tomato quiche. This is the third patisserie I’ve visited apart from Scents Of Taste and Jean Pierre Sancho. Each has their own style and range of items but I would prefer the latter two over Le Croissant Du Moulin on a value basis. Price would be the only differentiating factor as the quality across all three is high and the taste delicious. If you’re close by, then I’d certainly recommend a visit as you won’t be disappointed. Cash only.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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  • Paul

    Dude, check out Choux Cafe if you like Patisseries. It is fantastic. Little bit of a drive though, if Gooseberry Hill is close by!

    • Shaun

      Thanks Paul. I didn’t know this was home to Emmanuel Mollois. I’ve seen him many a times on TV. If I’m in the area, I’ll have to certainly pop by.

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