Lucky Shag - 23 Sep 2011

Apart from losing my order which didn’t impress me, I was less impressed with a salty patty that didn’t taste that great and a lack of sauce in the burger. Another unlucky experience at the Lucky Shag. . . . → Read More: Lucky Shag – 23 Sep 2011

S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe

Our second visit here was just as satisfying as the first. We tried a variety of dishes and were not disappointed. The chicken with capsicum and cashews was a real standout for me. We ordered a lot more and the bill was nearly double but we still had plenty to take home and I got some dessert too. Bookings essential. . . . → Read More: S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe – 18 Sep 2011

Sassellas Bar & Bistro

First time I’ve eaten the old pub favourite, chicken Parmigiana. One of the other members who is a huge fan didn’t rate it as good as what’s been served at other establishments. For me, a nice simple meal which delivered on taste and was great value. Generous serving which left me full. It took a bit of effort to clean the plate but I succeeded. . . . → Read More: Sassellas Bar & Bistro

S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe

My family and I really enjoyed each of the dishes we ordered which was tasty. The place was clean and presentable and the service was fast and efficient. The servings are large and generous. I certainly would like to come back to try some other dishes. The value is excellent. Bookings essential. . . . → Read More: S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe – 4 Sep 2011