Lucky Shag – 23 Sep 2011

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Pub Food
Location: Perth CBD, foreshore

Another birthday within the team meant a lunch must be organised with the Lucky Shag winning out. My last visit here was quite disappointing with a Guinness pie that lacked any flavour of Guinness and left me feeling hungry as the pie only came half way up the dish. I wasn’t particularly impressed so I was hoping third time lucky would deliver something more positive. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Upon arriving the place was packed on a lovely Friday afternoon which is a change from most of the wet and gloomy week. We couldn’t get a table outside but managed to secure one inside which is a bit of a shame given the lovely weather outside.

After having a look at the menu, I opted for the Shag Burger which came with chips. We went to the bar to place our orders and grab drinks. I was last to place my order behind the other team members. After pulling up a bar stool and chatting for some time, the meals came out for everyone apart from me. Wasn’t too hungry when I initially ordered so I wasn’t too bothered but after some time, still no meal. Eventually, one of the waiters came by to a nearby table and we inquired what happened. Apparently there was no record of my order. By now I was feeling pretty hungry and despite not visiting McDonalds for more than a decade, I thought I could have gone to Maccas instead and got served. After a short time, a rushed burger must have been prepared and brought out. I dispensed with the knife and fork and dived right in using my hands. The bun was warm and soft but not toasted which is my preference. I bit into the well filled burger with a decent sized patty. Oh! The amount of extra salt! It was edible but overly salty. The burger lacked sauce and the patty wasn’t tasty. Quite average. There was plenty of chips after finishing the burger but the chips aren’t too my liking. I prefer them to be more crunchy but they were soft and fluffy. I guess each place does their chips differently. Nonetheless, while I was full this time around, I didn’t enjoy my meal. The waiter who did find out about my missing order did offer me a free drink. However, since I don’t drink that was wasted on me so I asked the other team members if they wanted a drink instead and a pint of beer was shared amongst a few of the guys.

Food Review Summary

Verdict: Apart from losing my order which didn’t impress me, I was less impressed with a salty patty that didn’t taste that great and a lack of sauce in the burger. Another unlucky experience at the Lucky Shag.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Average
Value: Poor
Recommendation: Try Once If You Want But Not Worth Visiting Again

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