S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe – 18 Sep 2011

Cuisine: Thai
Location: Northbridge, William Street

I have a more recent food review of S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe.

My first visit here was excellent so we decided to go again, this time, without being rushed. I did make a booking well ahead of time so there was no chance of being squeezed in this time around. We got plenty of time to peruse the menu and see everything that is on offer. After a thorough examination, we opted for some different dishes apart from one of the entrees we enjoyed on our first meeting:

  • Crispy oyster pancake
  • Deep fried pork meatballs
  • Prawn parcels (moneybags)
  • Papaya salad
  • Chicken with capsicum and cashews
  • Red curry
  • Steamed rice

The first three were entrees, however, all meals were brought out one after another. The crispy oyster pancakes were just as delicious as on our first visit and was a lot more packed. The moneybags were full of prawns and were accompanied by a lovely sweet chilli sauce. In Asian cuisine, these little sauces make a big difference and the sauces here are delicious. The deep fried pork meatballs were different as they looked like a plate full of largish pebbles. They didn’t look deep fried at all and were quite nice but less flavoursome than the other dishes we’ve eaten here.

For mains, given we were ordering curries, we opted for a big bowl of steamed rice over fried rice. The chicken with capsicum and cashews was an absolute standout. It was really delicious and full of flavour. Just watch out for the dark red thin dried chillies! I mistakenly ate one and was reaching for the water immediately! My mouth was burning for most of the meal and everything I ate appeared hot even though it wasn’t. I really loved this dish and the family loved it too. The red curry was also excellent, full of flavour and lots of the creamy spicy curry. To round things off, the fresh green papaya salad added a breath of freshness to the lunch with a slight hint of spice. The first time I ate this salad was in Singapore at Por Jai Thai Restaurant. I think the version we ate there was superior and had a lot more chilli kick and seemed fresher. However, after that chilli, I was quite happy for this salad to be toned down. On my way out I also took home one of the coconut jelly and pandan desserts in the display cabinet which was something different.

Food Review Summary

Verdict: Our second visit here was just as satisfying as the first. We tried a variety of dishes and were not disappointed. The chicken with capsicum and cashews was a real standout for me. We ordered a lot more and the bill was nearly double but we still had plenty to take home and I got some dessert too. Bookings essential.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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