Sassellas Bar & Bistro

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Pub Food
Location: Perth CBD, Carillon City Arcade – Upper Hay Street Level

Unbeknown to our team, it was our boss’ birthday till one on the team members realised. Yes, pretty bad of us. So we decided to go out to Sassellas Bar & Bistro in the Carillon City Arcade to celebrate. As always, I had a quick look at their website and viewed the menu to choose what I would order. However, upon arriving, the menu is actually quite different so I had to change my order. Sassellas is on the upper Hay Street level at the back of the food court. It has quite a nice modern decor with friendly staff.

After having a look at the menu, I settled on the chicken Parmigiana. One orders at the bar, pays, and grabs a meal ticket before returning in about 10 minutes to pick up your meal. Waitstaff do come around to take and deliver your drink orders. While it wasn’t packed, I think to wait 10 minutes is quite quick. One of the team members had a buy one get one free card for each of us so that worked out well in terms of value.

My chicken Parmigiana came served upon plenty of shoestring fries and a large garden salad. The chicken serving was large and tender with a lovely tomato sauce and melted cheese. As it was served upon the chips, they lost some of their crunch but were equally tasty as the chicken. The salad had a light tangy dressing and was quite nice too but I could have done with more dressing.

Food Review Summary

Verdict: First time I’ve eaten the old pub favourite, chicken Parmigiana. One of the other members who is a huge fan didn’t rate it as good as what’s been served at other establishments. For me, a nice simple meal which delivered on taste and was great value. Generous serving which left me full. It took a bit of effort to clean the plate but I succeeded.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again
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Sassellas Bar & Bistro, reviewed by Shaun on 2011-09-12T16:38:01+00:00 rating 3.0 out of 5

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  • Troy O.

    I want to visit the place but I don’t think it will convince me because I want to look for the picture first. 🙂 But all in all I love your review, there is only one think missing the picture. 🙂

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