The Prophet Lebanese Cafe

Well, for predominately vegetarian food apart from the lamb skewers, we were all really full and satisfied with our meals. I had a nice night enjoying some unique flavours and tasty food. The restaurant provides a warm comforting setting with warm friendly service from the family run business. Among our small group, it worked out to cost a tad over $20 a head. Who said vegetarian can’t be tasty? BYO and cash only. . . . → Read More: The Prophet Lebanese Cafe

Bali II - Little Italy

Bali - Little Italy - Diavola Pizza

The first restaurant in Bali where we ate Italian and were not disappointed. I enjoyed my wood fired pizza but it could have been better. My travelling companions, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed their dishes which were cooked perfectly and were flavoursome and delicious. The cannoli was also excellent. The prices are unbelievable! For the same meal in Perth, you would easily pay double. If you’re in the mood for Italian, a visit here is a good starting point. . . . → Read More: Bali II – Little Italy

Bali II - Paon

Bali - Paon - Suckling Pig

You can’t question the generosity of the meals. They’re beyond belief! Unfortunately, the meals weren’t all that flavoursome which is a shame as we were looking forward to enjoying some traditional Indonesian fare. The refreshing mango juice was delicious and I particular enjoyed the chicken breast with this lovely sauce which was like a sweet sticky BBQ sauce. The sate skewers were also excellent. Along with the chicken, the other highlight of the meal was the dessert. Simple and delicious. Apparently spring rolls can be used for desserts. . . . → Read More: Bali II – Paon

Bali II - New York Sports Bar & Diner

Bali - NY Sports Bar & Diner - Southern Fried Chicken

It was nice to try some American fare which was quite tasty but could have been a little more authentic and flavoursome. We enjoyed both our visits here and having Western food made the holiday a lot more tolerable from a dining sense. There’s plenty to choose from the menu in terms of food and drinks (soft drinks, fresh juices, iced coffees, alcohol) and you can catch various sports on the many TV’s mounted on the walls or shoot a game of pool. . . . → Read More: Bali II – New York Sports Bar & Diner

Bali II - Hotel Cafe

Bali - Hotel - Ayam Bakar Sambal Matah

Hotel – Sate Campur

Well after our eventful first night with a trip down Poppies Lane II and the drunken, shirtless, barefoot young Aussie men, we decided we’d head back to the hotel and get dinner there. A safer bet in security and quality of food since nothing looked particularly appealing in . . . → Read More: Bali II – Hotel Cafe

Singapore II - Wan Tang Eating House

Singapore - WTEH - Garlic Prawns

After our quick late lunch here, we were impressed and visited for a proper lunch the next day. The food was so delicious and generous. I really enjoyed all our dishes, in particular, the fried rice. The prices are cheap and there is a choice in size generally. Crab is at market price which cost $45 but the rest of the bill wasn’t all that much. I’d highly recommend a visit here where there is heaps of choice with such delicious food and friendly service, what can go wrong? . . . → Read More: Singapore II – Wan Tang Eating House

Singapore II - L'Angelus

I thoroughly enjoyed my second visit here. I opted for the tender duck breast in a lovely red sauce which also came with an extremely delicious dish of potato gratin. My creme brulee lived up to all expectations and I savoured each spoonful. My travelling companions also throughly enjoyed their meals and desserts. Pricey, but worth every cent in value, taste, and experience. The serves are generous. A must dining experience. . . . → Read More: Singapore II – L’Angelus

Singapore II - Da Dong's

Both my travelling companions and I enjoyed our lunch. The highlight was definitely the roast chicken which was amazing. Delicious food but a bit pricey. I’d recommend a visit here but in terms of price, there are much cheaper options where you don’t compromise on taste. . . . → Read More: Singapore II – Da Dong’s

Singapore II - Maxwell Food Centre

Singapore - Maxwell Food Centre

This place is a must so come by and have a good wander around and choose a variety of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks. You won’t be disappointed. . . . → Read More: Singapore II – Maxwell Food Centre

Singapore II - Chinatown

Singapore - Chinatown - Ice Kechang

Chinatown – Food Stalls

You can see details of my first visit to Singapore’s Chinatown.

My second visit to Chinatown didn’t disappoint but I had already seen most of the shopping stalls on my first visit. However, there was plenty of food to try out on my second visit plus . . . → Read More: Singapore II – Chinatown