Singapore II – Maxwell Food Centre

Singapore - Maxwell Food Centre - Carpark Entrance

Maxwell Food Centre - Carpark Entrance

I thought I’d visited this place on my last visit but only discovered on the final few hours that this gem was unexplored. I did grab a few goodies from here but it definately required another, and much more, thorough visit.

After landing early in the morning and not having a meal on the plane, I was a little peckish. Fortunately after a smooth hotel check in, I went straight for a wander to Maxwell Food Centre at about 5am. Surprisingly, there were a few people about and a few food stalls open. I ate a Taiwanese sausage which was pretty good, cheap, and just what I was looking for.

The photo below only shows one “row” of stalls. There is another lot to the left and right, so see the picture below and multiply that by 3.

Singapore - Maxwell Food Centre

Maxwell Food Centre

Singapore - Maxwell Food Centre - Deep Fried Chicken

Maxwell Food Centre - Deep Fried Chicken

Later I returned after a good sleep to get a very late breakfast. On a Saturday morning, the place was swarming with people. I had a good walk around the mass of food stalls to see what was on offer. I decided to go with deep fried chicken which was stacked and displayed behind a glass window. The chef took a cleaver and quickly chopped the large piece of chicken into segments and chucked it on a plate with chicken floss and a very very hot chilli sauce. I also got a seaweed roll, a BBQ pork bun and 2 egg tarts which I had eaten last time from another stall. Absolutely delicious and easy on the wallet. I also got some refreshing lime juice.

Singapore - Maxwell Food Centre - Braised Duck & Noodle Soup

Maxwell Food Centre - Braised Duck & Noodle Soup

Singapore - Maxwell Food Centre - Oyster Omelette

Maxwell Food Centre - Oyster Omelette

(Apologies with the pics, we were too engrossed in our meals before I realised to take a photo).

My travelling companions had an oyster omelette and braised duck with a rice noodle soup and chilli sauce with sugar cane juice. All tasty and delicious. We returned here on many occasions during the course of our trip. One of the stalls on the corner sells Indian while all the others are Asian. I wasn’t too hungry and opted for a couple of delicious roti (an Indian bread) and they also gave me a small bowl of curry to have with it. The curry was delicious and went extremely well with the roti. All that for the princely sum of $1.60.

Food Review Summary

Verdict: This place is a must so come by and have a good wander around and choose a variety of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks. You won’t be disappointed.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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