Hong Kong BBQ House – 13 Nov 2011

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: Northbridge

I have a more recent food review of Hong Kong BBQ House here.

One of my work colleagues suggested I try this place and also gave me a suggested dish to try that is not on the menu. After returning from my trip to Singapore and Bali, it was good as a time as ever to reacquaint myself with some Asian food so a trip to Hong Kong BBQ House it was. Hong Kong BBQ House is actually just a few doors down from Dragon Palace on Francis Street in Northbridge. It’s also right next door to a similarly named restaurant, Korean BBQ. Walking by you will see several lovely roasted crispy ducks hanging in the window. Stepping inside is a little ramp which you follow to the left and then round again to the mod interior of the restaurant which also has an upstairs dining area. Fortunately I had made a booking as the place was packed with more and more people entering. The waitstaff were attentive and after having a look through the menu, we decided on the following dishes:

  • Half a Roast Duck – fantastic! Lovely darkened reddish colour of the roasted duck. Lovely crispy duck skin with lovely tender flesh, oozing with the tasty duck juices.
  • Small serve of BBQ Pork – the plate was small but the serving deceptive. The reddish tender BBQ pork was piled high and was actually quite a large serving of pure meat. It was delicious with that slightly sweet taste.
  • Minced Beef with Fried Rice and XO Sauce (not on the menu) – wow! It’s been a very long time since I’ve eaten a delicious dish of fried rice in Perth. This was so light, tasty and flavoursome. The small pieces of beef were oh so tender. Absolutely delicious!
  • Crispy Chicken With Vinegar Sauce – the light vinegar flavour of the sauce subtly complemented the tender chicken and crispy skin. I enjoyed this very much and was a better version of Happy Meal’s version which gets a bit too sweet and intense after a while.
  • Lamb Fillet in Famous Sichuan Style – I would have expected a larger serving and a larger quantity of lamb but given the price of lamb at the supermarket, you can understand why. Lovely tender slices of lamb in that typical Sichuan flavour added a flavour contrast to the other meals. Really enjoyable.
  • Red Bean Pancake – couldn’t pass on dessert and I had to go with a personal favourite – red bean pancake. A very generous serving of 8 highly crispy pancake squares were presented on the plate. The pancake was very crispy and well cooked but the red bean filling wasn’t as tasty. The Happy Meal’s version doesn’t have the pancake cooked out enough but the filling is tasty and also comes with vanilla ice cream. This version didn’t and it needed the ice cream as the filling lacked that touch of sweetness. The pancake also needed to be drained a little longer as there was oil on the bottom. Quite tasty but the filling needs to improve.
  • Sago – I did have a quick slurp of this and it was delicious. The really creamy coconut cream / milk mixture which was a lot thicker than other versions I’ve had accompanied the sago and watermelon.
  • Fried Ice Cream – I also had a more than generous sample of this. Lovely crispy coconut batter encasing the firm vanilla ice cream. I grabbed a bit of the ice cream to enjoy with the red bean pancake which improved the taste marginally.

We also ordered a pot of Chinese tea and steamed rice which came in it’s own metal canister and removing the lid, revealed a more than generous serving. A little dish of sweet chilli sauce and on the other side, a seeded chilli oil with a bit of bite was provided. The seeded chilli oil was tasty and a nice little accompaniment to the meal.

Hong Kong BBQ House Review Summary

Verdict: A first look at the menu left me a bit shocked at the prices. Asian food in general is very affordable but the prices here were a bit steeper than the usual Asian restaurant. That said, the food was very tasty and the preparation of the roast duck and BBQ pork is not something that is whipped up in a jiffy and involves a great deal of preparation to get the meat cooked just right with crispy skin of course. The roast duck and minced beef fried rice in XO sauce were stand outs. They also serve dishes such as shark fin soup, tooth fish, jelly fish and sea cucumber. The servings were commensurate with the price, the food delicious, the service excellent and an enjoyable experience all round. Plenty of food left over which we took home to enjoy later.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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