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My Favourite Restaurants

From my travels around Perth, Australia, and some of the World, below are some of my favourite restaurants. I also update an expanded list each year with prior posts below: Best of Perth’s Best Restaurants – 2014 Best of Perth’s Best Restaurants – 2013 Best of Perth’s Best Restaurants – […]

Choux Cafe - Various

Choux Cafe – 23 Dec 2011

The pastry in all items were delicious. Light and soft. While the pastries were enjoyable, I felt they didn’t quite hit the mark of other pastries I have eaten at other patisseries. I particularly enjoyed the blueberry slice and the quiche was an absolute standout. I could have easily kept on easting more. One slice just wasn’t enough.

1907 – Cocktail Making

Cuisine: Modern Australian Location: Perth CBD, through the brown gates on Queen St off Murray St Follow this link to view the food review of the fine dining restaurant at 1907. Well today’s blog is a bit of a twist. It’s not on food but on drink – cocktail making […]

Greenhouse – 7 Dec 2011

An adventurous menu selection today, trying crumbed pigs head and trotters. Wow! I really loved it and would certainly recommend you try it. The flavours of the crumbed pocket is delicious and the texture of the crunchy crumbing delicious. The soft pork meat is something to be savoured and has a unique, soft taste. The warm salad is just as delicious and contains quite a subtle chilli kick. The salad is the perfect complement to the dish where a certain freshness and softness in flavour is needed to counteract the slightly intense filling of the pockets. I loved my meal and left satisfied and full.

The Terrace Lounge – 6 Dec 2011

A very well made fish and chips. The crispy batter may have been in the deep fryer a bit too long but the crispy batter was delicious and the fish tender. I loved the chips and the tartare sauce and the fresh salad topped things off. A decent serving left me a satisfied and full customer. Excellent value meal.

Belgian Beer Cafe

Apart from some aspects of the service and the long wait for our pre-ordered meals, I quite enjoyed my Roman gnocchi with the ingredients working well on the plate. The lovely Napolitana sauce was the highlight with the soft, slightly cheesy semolina gnocchi complemented well by the sauce and fresh basil. The Belgian waffles were lovely too. Quite a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a group lunch and knock back a few beers. Meal offers available Monday – Thursday.