1907 – Cocktail Making

Cuisine: Modern Australian
Location: Perth CBD, through the brown gates on Queen St off Murray St

Follow this link to view the food review of the fine dining restaurant at 1907.

Well today’s blog is a bit of a twist. It’s not on food but on drink – cocktail making specifically. After our lunch at The Secret Garden, we had a bit of time to kill before heading to 1907 which is only a stone’s throw away. Part of the away day was to have a bit of an event where we got to do something interesting and have time to mix with the other work colleagues. I’m not a drinker so it was only going to be mocktails for me.

Our bartender, Mike, proceeded to show us how to make 3 cocktails over the course of the next 3 hours giving us a bit of a brief history of the world of mixed drinks. 1907 is a fine dining restaurant which also has a bar slightly underground. I’ve not eaten here but I did have a look at the menu which seems appealing. The bar is also like the fine dining restaurant – fine drinking? The cocktails are around the $18 – $22 mark so given the cost at around $60 / head, I guess it worked out quite well. There was some food served as well – Arancini balls; chips; and tomato, bocconcini, and basil upon mini bruschetta. The bruschetta titbit was particularly enjoyable.

I was quite fascinated by what we learned and actually having a go making your own drinks to enjoy over the course of the afternoon. I did have a taste of each of the cocktails and a sip or two of licor 43. I was chatting to the bartender and given I don’t delve into the world of alcohol, was quite surprised to learn that a good bartender is to drink what a chef is to food. One has to know the exact tastes and flavours of the various alcoholic drinks they’re preparing plus the individual tastes of the ingredients that go into them. They too, like chefs, experiment with making various creations and knowing what works with each other is interesting, much like the world of food. Alcohol, citrus fruits, juices, syrups, milk, cream, and even butter and eggs can go into making various concoctions. Various spices are also used, particularly in the sugar syrup, as sugar takes on flavour. I had a taste of clove syrup which was lovely and obviously went very well with the licor 43 I had later! On it’s own, not so good. An interesting experience nonetheless.

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