Belgian Beer Cafe

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Pub Food
Location: Perth CBD, corner King and Murray St

I have a more recent food review of Belgian Beer Cafe here.

A member of our team was moving on so we decided to have a leaving lunch. The only request was beer on tap so after a few suggestions, the Belgian Beer Cafe was chosen. A few of us had meetings so we had pre-ordered our meals and made a booking outside in the beer garden hoping the weather wouldn’t turn bad. Fortunately, Friday was a lovely summer’s day and we arrived and were taken to our table, inside. It wasn’t particularly busy so we questioned why our reserved table was inside instead of out and we got moved. Outside was pleasant, situated close to a fan that blew a light watery mist which was cooling. After several drinks, time had ticked on and no meals. I checked with the waitstaff after 45 minutes to inquire about our meals and they just happened to be ready. I wasn’t particularly impressed that they seated us inside after booking an outside table and then being served pre-ordered meals, with one normal order, 45 minutes after our booking. The service in this regard had been very poor up to this point. As I mentioned earlier, when we walked in, it wasn’t packed.

Anyway, I had viewed the menu a few days before and went for something light in the hope I would have some room for dessert. I ordered the Roman gnocchi Napolitana with fresh basil and Percorino. After seeing what I was served and eating the meal, I was a bit surprised and a little disappointed. I went back to research exactly what is a Roman gnocchi and that gave me the answers I was looking for. I expected the gnocchi to be small little curls made of potato which is how the traditional gnocchi was made. Instead, large square chunks with some height were congregated around the centre of my plate encasing the fresh basil ball and the dish surrounded by the rich red Napolitana sauce. The sauce was delicious and very light and went extremely well with the light soft gnocchi which had the consistency of polenta. In fact, Roman gnocchi is made with semolina rather than potato, cut into squares and baked rather than boiled and pan fried. The gnocchi was different to what I expected but tasted lovely with enough flavour of cheese but without being too overpowering. The top of the gnocchi had a lovely crisp golden brown crust. The basil had just enough heat from the meal to wilt it slightly to take the rawness off but not too much to overcook it. The ingredients worked well on the plate.

Next stop, dessert. I was torn between the creme brulee or waffles. I opted for the latter and chose strawberries out of 2 choices, the other being banana. After some time, I was presented with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream with a sprig of mint sticking out the top, afloat a large waffle with slightly poached strawberries and chocolate sauce. A yum dish! A nice way to finish off the meal.

Belgian Beer Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict:  Apart from some aspects of the service and the long wait for our pre-ordered meals, I quite enjoyed my Roman gnocchi with the ingredients working well on the plate. The lovely Napolitana sauce was the highlight with the soft, slightly cheesy semolina gnocchi complemented well by the sauce and fresh basil. The Belgian waffles were lovely too. Quite a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a group lunch and knock back a few beers. Meal offers available Monday – Thursday.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

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